When your animal crosses the rainbow bridge, it is a massive shock to the system, it hurts, and it is natural and normal to experience such a level of loss and pain.

I have personally had to say goodbye to many beloved animals in my life, and while being an Animal Communicator does not lessen my grief, it does enable me to prepare for and support others in the situation.

From my own experience I have identified eight key stages we go through, such as denial, followed by acceptance, and the difficult discussions that need to be made about what to do while the our beloved is crossing, and what to do once they have.

Each action we took at each stage really helped us through a very difficult time, and I hope, should you need, that they will help you through the loss of a much loved animal in your life too.

I also outlined seven tips that can help you cope with animal bereavement, you can read my in-depth advice on each of the seven tips below.

Seven Tips For Coping With Animal Bereavement

7 Tips for Coping with Animal Bereavment


  1. Recognise how you feel and what you are dealing with. Be it anger, loss, denial, hope, heartbreak, anxiety, crying, not sleeping or eating; take note of how you feel or how you are behaving.
  2. Honor your feelings and your animal. You feel like this because you love your animal with all of your heart, they meant as much to you as any other living being you share your home with, perhaps even more!
  3. Find the right support, only converse with people whom you know will support you and how you feel. There is no point going to see your neighbour Mr Timms who hates cats when your furbaby has crossed the rainbow bridge, it is unlikely he will have anything nice to say. You are feeling sore and you need comforting people around you. If you can’t find a friend then pop online to one of your supportive groups. (If you don’t have one I suggest joining Animal Chat and Natural Wellness on Facebook). Make sure to ask for the support you need, “I need a hug” or “I need time, a couple of days” or whatever it is you need, just ask.
  4. Give yourself and your home time to recover from your loss. Your animal and you spent a lot of time together, especially if you had a dog or a horse or working animal. You may’ve spent more time with them than anyone or anything. Only you can set this time, and you won’t know how long you need until you are there. 6 to 12 months is an entirely normal length of time to mourn, give yourself time and be gentle with yourself.
  5. Do something to honor your beloved animal friend. Be it a small burial or cremation, a ceremony or having a keepsake made from a lock of their mane or fur, a photo book or write a letter or a poem, a drawing, sketch or create a special memorial area in the garden. Do something that works for you. Some people like to go through their own animal funeral and others like to be very practical and move on. Whatever you do, it has to be right for you.
  6. I can’t stress how important self-care is. You are unlikely to feel much like being kind to yourself when experiencing the pain of animal bereavement however your body needs it! Take a gentle walk, a warm bath, read a book, watch a funny film, go to bed early or paint your toenails. Whatever you do, do something for you. Emotional stuff and crying can really leave you feeling drained as well as heart broken a quiet afternoon on the sofa with a hot chocolate, quiet music and early night can really help you cope with such strong feelings.
  7. The only person who will know when it is the right time to move on, is you. Getting another cat, dog, horse or rabbit doesn’t replace the animal you’ve lost.

Get Help With Animal Bereavement

Need specialist support to help you through this difficult time?

If you find you are unable to manage your feelings before or after the loss of your animal, I can offer you a very helpful and supportive healing session where I will incorporate talking and reiki to create a very gentle and practical session. This will allow you to find some peace, which will facilitate moving on, at the right time for you. Find out more about this with a quick call or book a session here.