I get asked a LOT, how do I know if it is my intuition?

I mean it is easy to second guess ourselves, doubt the niggle or hunch, dismiss it as trivial, coincidence or brush it off as a silly feeling, yet when we learn to embrace our intuition we really gain a lot of clarity and inner guidance.

Ruth Doolittle at work with her clients on zoom

How does intuition show up in the modern world?

In today’s busy world, of working full-time, juggling work, personal life, family time, hobbies, passions, lockdowns, censorship, the internet, blue tooth, Wi-Fi, processed foods, chemicals polluting our soil, air, and waterways and so much more we are bombarded physically, mentally and emotionally.

The spiritual aspect of self is dismissed as corporations favour profits over people’s intuition is not celebrated.  In fact, it has been discouraged in favour of ‘the science’.

Yet science doesn’t know it all.

Science is an ever-changing landscape of theories and evidence-based research.

The very nature of science is that everything can be disproven as scientists outdo other scientists.  Just look at the changing atom theory that took 5 scientists hundreds of years to settle on.

How do I know if it is my intuition?

It takes trust to truly know what your intuition is, mindfulness plays a big part in connecting to your intuition as it allows you to come into the present moment and pay attention to what is going on.

Intuition doesn’t try and trick you, intuition is pretty consistent.  It isn’t anxious though an intuitive ‘pop-up’ may lead you to move across the globe which would naturally create a little anxiety for planning and managing such a big change, intuition itself wouldn’t create anxiety.

Unwavering trust in yourself plays a HUGE role in knowing if it is your intuition as the belief that it can or is possible opens you up to receive more intuitive guidance.  Until the trust in yourself is stronger here is a little list of ways that Intuition may show up for you;

  • A profound dream,
  • A premonition,
  • A voice in your head,
  • A feeling in your tummy,
  • Images or short movies playing out in your mind,
  • Sudden impulse to turn one way or another,
  • Urge to leave a party,
  • A nagging feeling,
  • Saying something but not knowing where it came from or why you said it,
  • A distinct smell,
  • Hot hands or feet,
  • A clear vision,
  • A tiny whisper in your heart.

So how do I know if it is my intuition?

Intuition is not something that is taught in schools, yet it used to be taught in mystery schools which were shut down when the church took over from a matriarchal society and moved to a predominantly patriarchal society.  What this means is that for thousands of years, we have been schooled, educated and programmed to NOT believe in our intuitive senses so it can be very confusing.

Knowing it is your intuition starts with you accepting that it is possible! That you too can have excellent and consistent intuitive insights.  While you may not be there yet, you can be very easily if you are willing to put in some practise and consistency.

What next with knowing if it is your intuition?

Thankfully there are now people (like me) who help others develop their intuition in short courses (Magic 8 an introduction to intuition development program over 8 weeks) and Intuition development programs such as monthly and annual ‘Inspired Intuition Circles’ and ‘Inspired Life’ intuition development programs.

A good Intuitive facilitator will create a safe and secure space for others to play, grow and develop trust in their own intuitive abilities. Ruth Doolittle working intuitively with her clients globally

Decide to work with me to support your intuitive growth and you get all of that plus:

Insights and teachings from our animal companions, domestic and wild

Shamanic Therapy and Energy Alignment Training, Coaching and Mentoring

My own personal experience with accepting and developing my own.


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