I was recently interviewed for a huge website and asked about a journey of transformation and love.

This is my very own adventure, a journey of transormation and love, from a corporate life to working with clients I love and who get me, and I get them.  It makes for a wonderful business and is a far cry from the soul-less life sucking corporate slavery I was caught up in for decades.


Ruthy Doolittle Interview of journey of transformation and love

How did your journey as a therapist and change-maker lead you to focus on connecting and healing hearts and souls in such a unique way?

I’ve always been a giver and lover of animals, naturally kind and generous of spirit. Going into complementary therapies was a huge tonic to the cold and cutthroat corporate world I had worked in so it was a natural progression for me, more of a vehicle in which to express my natural self.

There is a HUGE lack of heart in the world and I couldn’t ignore my soul-calling no matter how hard I tried. My soul calling is quite specific, as a starseed I am here to help humanity rise in consciousness, raise the vibration of love on this plane, and help others to find their heart and access more love in their lives.

I go on and share more about a journey of transformation and love in a case study about Charlie the sausage dog who barked all day e every day, never went out, didn’t have any doggie friends, hated the car, hated leaving the house and generally hated anyhting that wasn’t within his own private space at home where he felt safe.

I go on and share how the work I do impacts others around the globe in a postiive way, and how others may work with me 1:1, online or in groups.

You can read the full article on their website here.