Animal Bereavement

If you have ever loved and lost an animal you will know only too well how much it hurts.  You may have even been put off sharing your home with another animal because it hurt so much.

I myself have suffered animal bereavement and the pain of a beloved animal crossing the rainbow bridge, since becoming an animal communicator I have learned what actions can be taken at key stages to ease the grief.

If you and your animal are in the difficult time of transition, or if the time has passed and you are grieving, I am here to offer help and support.

There are key stages of animal bereavement, and none have a set tim frame,  you can read 7 simple tips of what can be done to ease the pain in a blog I wrote here. I can vouch first hand that each action at each stage really is helpful during this difficult time, and I hope, should you need, that this information will help you through the loss of a much loved animal in your life too.

Alternatively, you can contact me for a rainbow bridge animal communication session, where you will be able to ask all of the questions you have and gain clarity and a sense of peace about what the next steps are. Complete confidence and discretion at all times.

What can I say, truly amazing. I lost one of my beautiful pug girls Paris I was so upset but after Ruth chatted to Paris after she passed and told me she was happy and she knew we loved her so much I was so much happier I miss my baby every day but I now have comfort in knowing she is happy and pain free, thank you so much. XX”

Organise a chat over a cup of tea about transforming how you feel with your rainbow bridge animal by getting in touch with me here.