Nutrition for Animals

This is a big subject and while I am very passionate about good nutrition for animals and for all living beings, I really cannot express just how important good nutrition is for long-term health.

animal nutrition, Ruthy Doolittle, animal nutrition consultationYou see the thing that is not okay with junk food and highly processed foods, is that our bodies and our animal friends are generally okay when we eat those foods, certainly in the short-term.  We don’t immediately fall over with a heart attack or instantly go blind. For sure if that happened we wouldn’t eat those foods.

You know the saying “you are what you eat”. Well there is a lot of truth in that and unfortunately not every professional we turn to for advice has had that much training in nutrition or indeed is aware or even trained in functional medicine, which treats the cause rather than symptoms.

I use muscle testing to work out what foods would suit our animal friends, this is based on the animals own body wisdom and is a guide to help create optimum health and wellbeing. It does not replace the need for a nutritionist however I do advocate the following:

  • Educate yourself about natural diets
  • Educate yourself about prescription diets
  • Educate yourself about ingredients of all foods you feed to your animals

In TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are two things that stem from foods, it is believed and understood that certain foods are “hot” and certain foods are “cold”.  There are certain traits associated with both hot and cold foods which can help disease to thrive or not to survive. While not the same the principal is similar to that in western cultures regarding foods that are alkaline (providing primary conditions for health to thrive) and acidic which provide primary conditions for disease to thrive.

To find out more about this amazing principle, I’d recommend starting your research here

Getting nutrition and supplements right is essential to your animals long term health and wellbeing and like us, a holistic approach keeps the body altogether more in tune with the natural rhythms of nature and more likely to thrive to a ripe old age.

If you are curious about getting the right nutrition for your animal then a nutrition consultation is a great step towards meeting your animals needs.

Some interesting insights into why my cat was so scared and sad and what we could do about it. Dietary advice helpful too. Thank you “

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