Ruthy Doolittle

Holistic Wellness for Women, Children, Cats, Dogs, Horses through Animal Communication, Transformational Energy Alignment and Intuitive Teachings

“Creating transformation through heart to heart connection”

About Ruth

Hello and welcome! I am Ruthy Doolittle, a powerful and intuitive change maker, who challenges the norm as I connect and heal hearts and souls. 

I am on a mission to connect millions of hearts around the globe.  

Open-minded and heart-centered women, their children, cats, dogs, and horses work with me to create transformation in their life through my work we find answers to their unanswered questions, create peace of mind, a clear idea of what to do next and freedom to live a healthier and happier life.

Through a unique combination of Animal Communication and Natural Wellness, Energy Techniques and Intuitive Teachings. I work with them 1:1, in VIP sessions, Groups, Retreats, Online Courses and In-person Workshops

Animal Communication

My greatest love is working with animals – which is why above all else, all I am here to serve you and the animals in your care. I am an Animal Communicator, a Transformational Energy Alignment Mentor and Teacher,  who can help you better understand and resolve your animals needs, enabling you and your animals to become closer, and of course happier.

You could be at the end of your tether, having tried everything with your animal and just don’t know what they want, though you feel the way they look at you they are trying to tell you something; animal communication could be just what you both need.  Animals are our greatest teachers and they come into our lives to help us grow.  It could be whatever is going on for them, is something that is going on for you too and I work with you to transform the way you feel and create a new deeper connection.

By enlisting the services of an animal communicator, you can gain great insights into what your animal needs and wants.  Take a look at what working with animals involves as an animal communicator!

Holistic Wellness

Holistic Wellness applies to us humans and our animal companions too.  It is a joined-up approach to reviewing wellbeing from a mind, body, and spirit perspective.

To consider everything that is put into the body, mind and spirit, as well as the outside influences, contributing or not, to Your whole optimum health!

What this is likely to look like for you, is that you’ve followed conventional routes for professional help still don’t have the answers or have been dismissed by vets or Drs as “nothing medical is wrong” yet you can see and you know that something isn’t quite right.

Imagine being able to get feedback from your own or your animal’s body that gave you information about the root cause, insights into what is going on and how to resolve it naturally and quickly!

That is the power of working with a Holistic Wellness Coach, Energy Alignment Mentor and Animal Communicator!

Ruthy DOolittle Energy Alignment Mentor, and Animal Communicator


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Work with me

As an animal communicator and energy alignment mentor, teacher and therapist I work with you one-to-one, in a group or through my courses, workshops and retreats.


Learn about Holistic Animal Care, Energy Work, Animal Bereavement and Case Studies from some of the animals I work with in this informative blog.

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What they say..

Read how I have helped others, their words not mine!

“Its funny, but I feel more connected with our cats since you saw them on friday, when you described his personality, it’s true that he’s quite wary and not that relaxed. I think the communication session helped both our cats open up more, he has always been quite a cool cat really.”


Pet Parent

“What can I say, truly amazing. I lost one of my beautiful pug girls Paris, I was so upset but after Ruth chatted to Paris after she passed and told me she was happy and she knew we loved her so much I was so much happier. I miss my baby every day but I now have comfort in knowing she is happy and pain free, thank you so much.”


Pet Parent