Intro to Animal Communication

Introduction to Animal Communication Online Course

This course is accessible to children (13+) and adults alike and this course includes:

  • 8 different sessions – with me teaching you via video
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Handouts and questions for each session
  • Background to Animal Communication
  • Techniques to ground and connect
  • Breathwork to enhance your intuition
  • Real animals to practice with
  • And much more!
This is for you if:
You love animals
You live with a cat
You live with a dog
You look after horses
You keep chickens, geese, or ducks
You have rodents as friends
You have reptiles or invertebrates at pets
You really wish you could talk to your own animals
You trust animals more than humans and much more………

Introduction to Animal Communication

Each training session is 20-40 minutes long. Leaving you lots of time to practice with your own animals and our guest animal teachers….

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