Hello and welcome! I am Ruthy Doolittle, Animal Communicator and Transformational Energy Mentor. They may say never work with animals or children, but I work with both – and I love it!

Living Your True Self, Author, Ruthy DoolittleLiving your true story.  It is a book filled with inspiring stories from people who have been through adverse challenges in their lives, read them and be inspired by how people have been able to turn their lives around.  “dream it, see it and make it happen” is the chapter I wrote, which is all about my journey to living my true authentic self as an animal communicator.

It contains many stories of individuals overcoming adversity, building a business in the face of Author Ruthy Doolittle and her dog Marshalladversity or overcoming incredible personal challenges, it is a book filled with inspiring stories.

There are more books planed in the future, what would you like to read about from Ruth?