VIP Animal Communication

VIP Animal Communication. 

Spend one whole day with Ruthy Doolittle, where she will communicate with your animal or animals 1:1 in person. You will learn about what your animals have to say, their wants and desires, and experience a deeper bond than ever before.VIP Animal Communication, Ruthy Doolittle

While this package is ideal for a full day of deep bonding with one animal, it is also a cost-effective package for multi animal households. For greatest benefit, you really must be open to the idea of animal communication, or already acknowledge your own spiritual side, and you must be willing to put into place whatever comes from the communication as being of benefit to any animals in your care.

If your animal or animals have any emotional or behavioral issues you will learn what they need from you, or others, to move forwards from where they are today.   With this package you benefit from the undivided attention of Ruth for a whole day, allowing plenty of time to ask lots of questions, go really deep with your animals and learn about how you can best serve them, to live the happiest life they can.

“Ruth came out to visit us and our 4 pets, we have 2 dogs and 2 cats so we were very keen to see what they had to say! The animals all gathered round…(which only ever happens at dinner time!) and she spoke to each of them in turn. Their personalities were spot on and the things Ruth said were just what we would think they’d say, plus some things about what they like and any aches etc. that we can help with some extra diet supplements. It was really interesting and just amazing.  If you are sceptical or worried, don’t be! Ruth is really friendly and also professional and there’s no doubt you will feel so pleased to find out what’s on your pets mind ?
Thanks again Ruth xx”

VIP Animal Communication Day

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