Animal Communication


Ruthy Doolittle, animal communication with two rats“Animals share with us the privilege of having a soul” – Pythagoras

It is sometimes called animal whispering, soul-to-soul, or even heart-to-heart communication. I call it Animal Communication. Whatever you choose to call it, it is a two-way conversation between an animal and myself.

I know, your next question is “how do you do that?” I get asked it all the time and I get it, because once upon a time I asked those questions myself. 

I use a combination of skills to interpret the messages I receive and use my intuitive gifts to understand the animals message, needs and wants.  And just like us, some animals are more chatty than others, some are very descriptive and others are less so, but whatever their personality, they are always able to get their message across.

Talk To All Animals is my animal communication service for pet parents and animal carers, to deepen relationships, gain essential insights, and to offer support during or after illness and bereavement.

Every single animal I have ever attempted to communicate with has in some way responded.  Only once did I have a horse who refused to communicate with me, it was pretty obvious to me he was in a state of shock that I could hear him and that he could hear me, in fact his disbelief was so high he kicked dirt in my face, did a roundabout turn and ran in the other direction! Every other time I have had 100% success rate with engaging with the animals I have been called upon to serve, and their messages range from open and honest to insightful and deep.

Thankyou Ruth for your amazing insight

“We have a very anxious toy poodle with extreme separation anxiety. Ruth picked up and pointed out to us that rather than being worried about being left, he was actually worrying about us and what would happen to us without him being there. This revelation and other perceptions led to a change in routines and better training for us and has resulted in a much calmer and happier Gingi! Thank you Ruth for your amazing insight, recommendations and suggestions.”

Gingi, animal communication

To enquire about your own animal communication session click here with your animal in person, via zoom, a living or in spirit photograph.”

Mini Animal Chat Ask your top few questions and mini wellbeing consultation, gain valuable insight and ideas about what your animal wants and needs, via photograph, email & phone or zoom.

What can I say truly amazing I lost one of my beautiful pug girls Paris I was so upset but after Ruth chatted to Paris after she passed and told me she was happy and she knew we loved her so much I was so much happier I miss my baby every day but I now have comfort in knowing she is happy and pain free thank you so much”

In-depth Animal Communication Ask all your questions and lots of my own, gain invaluable insights and establish new patterns of living harmoniously, happily and healthily the natural way!

“What a fantastic experience. Ruth provide me with so many helpful insights regarding my cocker spaniel and lots of tips and ideas to help best support him. Ruth is an amazing soul, warm, compassionate, gifted and a joy for both Alfie and I to have in our home – thank-you so much Ruth xxx”

Book a call to organise your own in-depth animal communication session here.

VIP Animal Communication Day All day, onsite 1:1 with you, me and your animals.  Learn about environment, nutrition, emotional issues and physical improvements that can be made to their lives, naturally through a shared animal communication day, with you and your animals. Gain valuable insights into their needs and wants and learn how to work with them to live in harmony, happily and healthily.

“Our little lurcher girl was getting herself into trouble due to her natural instincts to chase small furry things (including other dogs!) I have to say that I was a little skeptical about what Ruth would be able to do… But I was totally amazed at how my dog responded to her and what Ruth reported back about the conversation they had together! Turns out my dog was really keen to chat! The information Ruth was able to relay to me was SO helpful – being a dog owner and trying to work out what’s the right thing can be very confusing and to hear it straight from my dog was SO useful. It helped us get clear about what to focus on and what our dog needs and likes. It was so funny when she (the dog) said she’s not keen on camping but puts up with it as she likes to be with us! Totally explains how she behaves when we go camping!! Even a few months after the session I keep remembering what our dog said and how it’s proved to be so accurate. I would certainly recommend Ruth to fellow animals owners

Book your own VIP Animal Communication Day (Mainland UK, travel expenses may apply) with you and your animal in person with Ruthy Doolittle. Spend one whole day with Ruthy Doolittle where she will communicate with your animal 1:1 in person, you will learn about what your animal has to say, its wants and desires.  If your animal has any emotional or behavioural issues you will learn what your animal needs from you or others to move forwards from where they are today.

Then spend the rest of the VIP learn to communicate day, learning how YOU can communicate with your animal yourself. Ruth will share with you and take you through some very simple steps to enable you to practice with your very own animal.

Let us have a chat and a cup of tea to explore working together here.