My name’s Ruthy Doolittle and I have always shared my heart and home with many animal friends, my first and subsequent jobs were focused on and around animals and their care, I’m a fellow crazy cat lady, currently sharing my home with 9 animals, 4 of whom are cats.

I provide holistic animal care and communication to many different animals including but not exclusively horses, cats and dogs and their families in my work as a Transformational Energy Therapist, Coach and Animal Communicator.


You are likely to be reading this because you are an open-hearted or spiritual businesswoman looking for a deeper connection, most of all of your animal friends, yourself and your children.  My customers come to me to help them better understand their animal, provide the very best of care for them and ultimately keep them happy, here is my first of many ebooks available for purchase. 

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I have spent my of my life working with animals, remember human beings are animals too! From my first job aged 11 in a pet shop my love of animals exposed me to all sorts, from cats, dogs and horses through to mules, coati mundie’s, Irish wolf hounds, donkeys, ferrets, lemurs, goats, cows, geese, sheep and even bees.

As Ruthy Doolittle I am able to offer a unique service where not only will I communicate – as in talk to your animal – I will offer you and your animal a range of techniques to work with, that will transform the current situation from “eurgh” to “excellent!”

5 tips for Animal Holistic Care