Animal Healing

Animal healing works in different ways and animals are usually very sensitive to energy.  Using a combination of different healing techniques including, Reiki, Rahanni, SASA (Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy) The Energy Alignment Method, EAM ®, Quantum Healing and Bioresonance Energy Scanning to help your furry friend.  They benefit from the gentle energies to move and release blocked energy and provide relief to your animal.

animal healing, Ruthy DoolittleIt is always interesting to observe animals receiving energy healing as they tend to nod off, shake a leg or foot, tummy rumble, belch or fart, yawn profusely or repetitively stick their tongue out, shake their body or sigh – all of which are signs of release.

Sessions run entirely on zoom, while this may seem a strange way to work it is a highly effective way to work for several reasons.  One is you get a recording of your session to watch back, another is it is much more cost-effective at the same time reduces pollution.  Simply provide a short outline of the symptoms or your concerns along with a couple of recent photos, including a clear headshot so I can see the eyes via email.

On the day of the call, you can be with your animal or not, it doesn’t matter though you may like to be near them. Please let them know you have asked me to come and chat to them, to help them and that it is okay for them to talk to me. Join me live on zoom, and see how I work, or join me for the live share back, where you find out what is in the assessment and what to do next.


  • Email summary of suggested next steps.
  • Live share back talk via zoom
  • Recording of the session
  • A clear idea of what other therapists (if any) to engage with next.
  • Peace of mind
  • Clarity of what is going on for your animal


It is ALWAYS us humans who are insistent on knowing what issues they are working through, why they are doing a certain behaviour or what happened to them to make them need to release in such a way when actually all us humans need to do is BE quiet and hold a safe space for them to release whatever they need to get rid of.

Animals are great teachers and we have got very caught up as human ‘doings’ who constantly need more information, more immediate responses and more instant gratification.  Us humans really could learn a lot from our animal friends, and become more present, while being.  Notice the word there? “be”, just “be!”

Try it today, put your phone down, turn it on silent, switch off the TV or radio and move away from any screen. 

Sit outside, sit on the sofa or the floor and just “be” for 10 minutes. 

What comes up for you? Are you at ease with yourself, did you nod off or did your monkey mind incessantly race through a billion thoughts?

To book a virtual cup of tea to chat about your own animal’s healing session, please click here. to the online calendar and pick a date and time that is suitable for you. No cost, no-obligation, I look forward to chatting soon!