Here is a before and after cat chat real-life animal communication, it highlights why the session was booked, and what happened before and after.

Recently I was asked to communicate with these two beauties, regular clients – siblings, the Boy Silver-Fox Romeo, and Girl Naughty-Tortie Cleo, their Mum had asked me to chat with them before she went off on holiday, which I did and all went well.

Before the catchat.

When Mum was away the opportunity arose to stay on for a few days longer, which coincided with the cat sitter mentioning that Naughty-tortie had started to pull hair out on her back, so another catchat session was booked.

Before pics of Cleo show her sitting looking worried, and afterwards stretched out on the bed exposing her tummy and looking very content.

Before pics of Romeo show him sitting on the floor looking concerned and afterwards stretched out on the bed exposing his tummy and looking very relaxed.

During the session, both cats wanted to know when Mum was coming home, what she was doing and why she was staying longer, they explained how they felt and why behaviours had changed.

During and after the catchat session.

When I explained the reasons why they both immediately relaxed and felt it was a very important heart-healing visit for Mum and she had to stay on!

I went on to provide each of the cats with a quantum healing session, gently bringing each of their bodies back into balance, offering emotional support via Bach Flower Frequencies and supporting their Chakras and Aura to be balanced once more.

Mum is delighted with the change in the cats afterwards and the cat-sitter sent in the after images, saying how much happier they seemed.   Happy cats = happy humans, sounds like a win-win to me!

This is just one of many reasons why regular communication, before and after cat chats with your furry friends is so helpful!

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