Magic 8 Intuitive Development Course

Magic 8 is a powerful Intuitive Development Program.  First released back in 2019 it was created by me Ruthy Doolittle, Heart Healer, Intuitive Teacher and Award Winning Animal Communicator, I have been testing, tweaking and improving the course over the past three years and have refreshed and updated it to suit today’s starseed, soulful woman and entrepreneurs on their intuitive and spiritual journey.

Why would I want to do this course?

Being interested, curious or even a bit scared of intuition, your sixth sense or your inner knowing is something that modern-day doesn’t support us, women, with.  As a starseed and ancient soul myself I know how lonely it can be to walk through life without the right people around.

This course provides a safe space for you to learn and grow.

Heal your own heart and the emotional blocks inside of it so your intuition becomes a superpower you can rely on.

I only share my own teachings and insights, I am not the person to do the work. That is down to you. So if you are ready for a change, to expand your heart energy, heal old hurts and be guided by your intuitive insights  (everyone has this ability by the way) then this may well be the course for you!

  1. Learn to observe and traverse the seasons with ancient guidance
  2. Connect more deeply with yourself
  3. Trust in yourself more consistently
  4. Heal your emotional heart
  5. Insights and intuitive knowings flow
  6. Connect with others like you, who are intuitive and spiritually curious
  7. Increase your internal superpower as your intuition continues to grow and expand
  8. Connection to nature grows and grows as you understand more
  9. By changing your own vibration you create a ripple of healing


“One of the main and favourite areas I’ve seen a transformation in is my personal growth, I’ve had the desire to work on myself even more and discover new strengths and passions. Thank you so much, Ruth! xxxxxxx”


Who is Magic 8 for?

  • Starseeds.
  • Old Souls.
  • Soulful Woman.
  • Spiritual Entrepreneurs.
  • Spiritually curious Souls.
  • Healers, Lightworkers, Coaches, Mentors and Therapists.


This is also for you if you are:

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Open-hearted
  • Don’t always trust your intuition
  • Want to be more intuitive
  • Are motivated to change, but are unsure how
  • Feel very busy but not overly productive
  • Feeling stuck, disorganized or disconnected
  • Feeling overwhelmed with too much on your plate
  • Living a chaotic reality day-to-day
  • Crave YOU time
  • Know there is soooo much more to life than this!
  • Have already tried a couple of different things and nothing ‘stuck’


“I have grown in all 8 areas and feel pretty content with the direction this year is going in so far, you rockstar Ruthy, thankyou!”


What is included in Magic 8?

Magic 8 is an interactive workshop where you get to learn about, play with and improve your own intuitive abilities.

Your heart will heal in the process as you become more connected to ti.

You will go through a process of remembering things you may have once known, forgotten or never used as an adult, yet are very familiar to you.

Find trust and a deep sense of inner guidance you can rely on to make informed decisions that support your life.

Overcome limiting beliefs, patterns and conditioning that have stopped, blocked or disconnected you from your own innate wisdom.

Heal the Witch Wound, (if you don’t know what that is, don’t be scared as it is a simple and supported process to do the work on this) yet most women I work with carry it in their energy.

Increase your connection to your heart, your soul and the elements and seasons around you.

Gain increased confidence, improved sixth sense, trust yourself like never before and gain a supportive network of sister-witches that you didn’t realise you couldn’t live without (until you met them).

Feel at home among other Starseeds and Soulful Women

A non-judgemental place to ask the silly questions you’ve always wanted to know the answers to AND feel accepted, seen and heard.

8 weeks of live mentoring that you can do from the comfort of your home via live 90 minutes on zoom

Accompanying handouts and home play activities to work through

Secret Whatsapp group for live weekly interactions and support with me.

And much, much more!

 “I rarely gave myself time to focus on myself, pleasing others always came first.  I’ve been giving myself a bit of time every day to do things I enjoy, like an extended meditation session, listening to music, playing the piano, sitting in the garden and enjoying not doing anything.”

Why develop my intuition with Ruthy, I mean, who is she to teach me?


I had my own deeply transformative experience.  I was running my own successful business,  from the outside, my life seemed to have it all, a large country house, a horse, holidays and my own business but it was like running a circus!

Our house was rented, and the horse shared on part-loan, while the business was built on strong ethics and values it was not run efficiently and I was always paid last after working at least 60 hours a week!   To top it all I ran a side-gig business as a complementary therapist during evenings and the weekends, as a tonic from all the crazy that was running my life and driving me around the bend!

I was stressed out, had three miscarriages and couldn’t organize myself in the kitchen, dinners were often not quite as planned and I frequently triple-booked myself or was late for appointments.  Obviously, that was not sustainable and something had to give.

When I found the tools I share with you in Magic 8, I took myself on an inner journey to find ways to simplify and declutter my life, so that it became more inflow and felt much more aligned with who I really am.

Magic 8 helped me create more order and organization in my life without feeling scheduled to death, I learned to prioritize and enjoy self-care and time out for myself, especially when I understood how detrimental it is to ignore this! I embraced my intuitive kookiness and came out of the weird closest, it was the best thing I ever did for myself.

With a combination of all of 16 years professional training plus 45+ years of The School of Hard knocks and University of life experience, I created this program just for Starseeds and Soulful Women, like you so that you wouldn’t need to fumble around anymore, that you could be supported in a safe, non-judgmental space, that you could learn and play together with other like-minded souls!

If any of these resonate with you then Magic 8 is for you to create more magic and improve your intuition in your life.  Declutter, ‘spring-clean’ and align to 8 key areas of your life so that you feel like you are in the driving seat of your life once more! as your intuition improves and grows.


What does Magic 8 actually cover week to week?


We work with the themes of Love, Health, Physical Space, Family & Friends, Personal Growth, Purpose & Career, Leisure and Money.

Each week there is a session focused on one of the themes and intuitive practice and you will get to learn more about the following topics:

  1. The six senses.
  2. Trust and mindfulness.
  3. Third eye for seeing.
  4. Oracle Cards, tarot and symbolism
  5. Candles and their mysterious insights.
  6. Psycomotery, psychic reading with the power of touch
  7. Guides and Angels
  8. Animal Totems
Each week is slightly different depending on who is on the call, what questions get asked and what messages come through for you.

Full support and guidance are provided throughout, Ruth is a very experienced mentor, therapist and teacher, highly intuitive, and nothing shocks her, she is earthy, grounded, funny, non-judgmental and a little bit bonkers in a good way.


What do I do if I am interested in Magic 8?


If Magic 8 calls you, then do reach out to Ruthy and book a complimentary chat or send her an email at to explore the possibility of working together.  Ruth Doolittle at work with her clients on zoom

“I would harbour bad traits surrounding money, I would work flat out in order to meet monetary goals since I control my own working schedule, I wouldn’t allow myself rest days and wouldn’t schedule in proper breaks for myself during the days.  It’s an area that’s progressing and I’ve started noticing new wealth flowing in more easily, without me being so hard on myself and less stressed I am. the more my intuition increases! “
Investment in Magic 8
The course is £188 in total, you can pay in full or in 3 instalments.  If Magic 8 calls you, then do reach out to Ruthy and book a complimentary chat or send her an email at to explore the possibility of working together.  It has to be a good fit for you, Ruthy and or the rest of the Magic 8 group.