Vision Board Workshop

Combining the fun and productivity of creating a vision board with a Law of Attraction based twist, to connect with your hearts desires and bring your inner vision to life, even if you don’t know what that is yet. Join us for this New Year Vision Board Workshop to Manifest the Year of Your Dreams!

This isn’t just “another vision board” workshop, enjoy the feeling of being grounded and connected you to your heart and harness the law of attraction to create your unique vision board as this time of year is perfect for connecting with your vision for the coming months.

Sam and Ruth guide you to connect with your true desires and use a brilliant technique that is super fast and simple to use with little effort, helping you to create your vision board from your heart space. Leave the day with your vision to put up somewhere you will see it.  You can book your tickets on Eventbrite here today!

Read what some attendee have to say from earlier this year.

“You have opened my eyes to something amazing and so useful. Thank you for a fab day and for showing us how to make quantum mechanics work in our personal lives”

This is what another attendee said 9 months after creating her board

“I’ve really focused on myself this year and haven’t given up. I’m starting to see the results of my hard work, I’m feeling more confident in myself, I’ve started dating. My friend and I are planning a trip for next year which is a major bucket list item”

She was asked to be an ambassador for a health wellbeing and fitness membership site, is loving life and herself and her body, she had NO plans for any of this at the start of the year!

The unique way we guide you to access your higher self and then bring those visions to life means you are guided to manifest things you didn’t even know were possible AND you get to do sticking and glueing. What’s not to love?!! Here is one of ours from earlier this year.

Ruth Bradshaw Vision Board


Book your space on Saturday January 6th, please use this link here.