Earth School Club

Earth School Club for childrenKids really benefit from a fun space for them to learn, explore their surroundings and play in a safe and unstructured way, especially in this digital-age.  With extra pressure on them to fit in or look a certain way, exams and a changing world they too benefit from support with their emotions and making sense of the world.

Children love to work with me in Earth School which is a safe space for sensitive souls to come and learn about their connection to the earth, the elements, and their personal energy through fun movement, play, stories and laughter.

Though they may prefer to work through their issues in a 1:1 session and that is a way to work with me too, Choose from Earth School Club Sessions and Summer Camps for children aged 4-11.

Earth School Club learning about crystalsWe create and provide a safe space for like-minded sensitive children to connect with others like them, and develop their intuitive abilities while learning about the earth, their personal energy and boundaries, breathing, and connection to animals and our home on planet earth through fun games and activities.

Children will learn about something different each session as well as a continuous theme around kindness. There will always be some form of movement, relaxation and meditation, much of our sessions are spent on the floor or outdoors.

Ruth has been a therapist since 2006, is fully trained in energy and intuitive techniques including Inner Vision and ICU -Inspiring Children Universally teaching children and adults show to enhance and expand their intuitive abilities and even ‘see’ with their 3rd eye. Cosmic KIds Yoga Teacher, Angelic and Celestial Rahanni Healing, Reiki, and The Energy Alignment Method to name a few.!  Ruth and fully insured and DBS checked.


Earth School and Cosmic Kids Yoga are currently only available in the holidays. Please sign up here to hear about events and workshops first!

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