Heart to Heart Introduction to Animal Communication

Heart to heart Introduction to Animal Communication 7 week online course.

animal communication session with a horse, Ruthy Doolittle, Spirit and Soul,Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at beginners who have never done any previous animal communication or tried it a long time ago and want to reconnect.  You may be curious about it, have a gift you don’t yet trust or are an animal professional and want to add another string to your bow, either way, this topic is likely to be totally or very new to you.

Course format:

  • Live training via zoom (online video conferencing) weekly for up to 2 hours
  • Each week builds on the last
  • Content is varied, teachable information, practical exercises and the opportunity to reflect and share
  • Email home-study between sessions
  • Link to video recordings sent out the following day
  • Private Facebook Group for Heart-to-heart students only
  • 8 weeks in total of personal coaching with me Ruthy Doolittle

What is included:

  • Background to Animal Communication
  • Meditation to ground and connect
  • Breathwork to enhance your intuition
  • Practical sessions to connect with different animals
  • Exercises to quieten the mind and become fully present
  • Mindset and Energy Techniques to overcome any doubts or beliefs
  • Weekly practice sessions with different animals each week
  • Private Facebook Group Exclusively for Heart to heart students
  • Lots of different animal students to connect with
  • Feedback from animal students human family

What you will learn:

  • Code of Ethics
  • Opening process
  • Things that can impact your ability to receive or ‘hear’ messages
  • Different ways Animals communicate with us
  • How you will receive messages
  • How to ‘hear’ messages
  • How to trust the messages you receive
  • The different ways to quantify a message
  • Confidence to trust that what you get is from an animal
  • Confidence in yourself to communicate effectively
  • Feedback from your Mentor to help you develop and grow your skill

What others have to say:

“I enjoyed the course very much. I had many doubts and fears to start with, but they have cleared now. Ruth is a lovely and knowledgeable instructor. I look forward to doing more courses with her.”

“This course is worth it for anyone interested in learning the basics of Animal Communication”

“I feel the course was nicely balanced and went at a good pace”


  • Course investment is £400
  • Certificate of attendance upon completion and feedback shared.