Inspiring Children Universally enables children to feel more confident, have better self-worth and concentration as well a stronger core balance. This is achieved through harnessing their natural intuitive abilities, through a range of fun games and activities.

The ICU Programme really helps children to raise their consciousness, and improve their vibration.  ICU certainly works very effectively, through fun games and activities. It originates in Mexico, however, has only been here in the UK for a few years.

The benefits for children who join the ICU programme:

  • Increase their confidence
  • Increase their self-confidence
  • Increase respect for themselves and others
  • Develop their natural gifts.
  • Reach their potential be it education or personal
  • Release limiting beliefs and traumas.
  • Experience improved memory, concentration and intuition


  • Children aged 4 – 12.
  • They must know shapes and colours and be able to write and read, even if not very advanced at that yet.
  • Must be able to attend each week for 1 hour over 12 weeks (can be fortnightly) in person, in Colchester, Essex.
  • Parent or guardians MUST be committed to helping with homework in between sessions.


They join a 12 week programme and spend 1 hour a week focusing on games and fun techniques to focus on using and nurturing their intuition to improve their life.


Please note that all names have been changed to protect confidentiality.

We have noticed a LOT less “I can’t do this” and a LOT more “I can do this”.  A lot more adventurous behavior and a lot less being scared of everything, as well as a lot more confidence in speaking up which is just great to see in my son James.

My little girl Daisy was so shy before she did ICU, she was painfully shy with family and at school.  She had just started to read when she did the ICU programme and has become so much more confident, she is still shy at times but certainly not like she was before and not with family members.  Not only that she has gone on to win absolutely loads of certificates for her spelling and writing.

I was a bit skeptical about ICU however my daughter Jessie was just falling further and further behind at school, she was in the bottom set for everything and didn’t seem to be able to get motivated by anything other than hanging out with the naughty kids, I just had to try something before she went up to secondary school.  Jessie did the programme and not only did her confidence soar, her school reports improved immensely from below average to above average.  Jessie reported that she’d stopped hanging out with the naughty kids and wanted to focus on her school work.  Her school reports continue to be above average and outstanding even now since she went up to a secondary school, it is so lovely to see Jessie so focused and confident.

To find out more about ICU courses and workshops running in the holidays for your child do contact Ruth here.