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How does Animal Communication Work? Ruthy Doolittle

  • Let's talk about Animal Communication, how does animal communication work? I get asked this all of the time really, and there is no ONE thing in isolation, rather a series of little things that you do in isolation to help improve your listening skills.  To truly speak the subtle language of the heart, you have to listen. Talking to the animals does not however mean I can suddenly see their mouths moving when I ask them a question. Nor does it mean that I can dictate how my animal is going to behave from now onwards. Animal Communication is sometimes known as interspecies communication, which means from one species of sentient being to another.  That is US (humans are sentient beings) and the Animal Kingdom, who are also sentient beings.  Sentience means to have the capacity to be aware of feelings or sensations, ALL animals are sentient beings!  And us HUMANS are part of the ANIMAL KINGDOM TOO! I am very passionate about this subject,t spent many, many years denying my gifts and abilities and tried to fit myself into a square box, for decades!  Well eventually it all started to spill out and eventually I "came out" of the weird closet and admitted to myself and the world what I can do.  The amazing thing is, YOU can too!! Read on in the FREE PDF Guide - How does Animal Communication Work? DOWNLOAD Your FREE PDF which explains it in a bit more detail for you! Happy reading! xx

Your Guide To Holistic Animal Care Ruthy Doolittle

  • Your Guide To Holistic Animal Care, Learn about simple and effective ways to support your animal's health and happiness through holistic animal care. My name's Ruthy Doolittle and I have always shared my heart and home with many animal friends, my first and subsequent jobs were focused on and around animals and their care, I'm a fellow crazy cat lady, currently sharing my home with 9 animals, 4 of whom are cats. I provide holistic animal care and communication to many different animals including but not exclusively horses, cats and dogs and their families in my work as a Transformational Energy Therapist, Coach and Animal Communicator. You are likely to be reading this because you are an open-hearted or spiritual businesswoman looking for a deeper connection, most of all of your animal friends, yourself and your children. You may already be using a holistic and natural wholesome approach with your diet, health, and wellbeing for yourself and your animals, or you are starting out to harness this way of being with your beloved animal friends. People come to me to help them better understand their animal, provide the very best of care for them and ultimately keep them happy. I want to share with you what holistic animal care is and cover aspects of nutrition and natural wellbeing for you and your animals.  Like everything, with any sort of energetic type of work, everything is connected and everything is energy. From my perspective, Holistic Animal Care is a combination of different things. In this book, I cover things like water, nutrition, diet, exercise, rest and play, sleep and the environment as well as attitudes in the home towards animals, how they are spoken to, their training and how they have been handled. I use my 30+ years experience of sharing my heart and home with many, many animals friends and my professional training to provide simple solutions to providing a natural environment for what the animals benefit from so that you can provide them with optimum health and happiness.
  • July 19, 2019
  • 26 pages

5 tips for Animal Holistic Care Ruthy Doolittle