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What you get:

Find out which conscious, subconscious and unconscious thoughts, beliefs, feelings and emotions are limiting the magic in your life right now.

Reconnect with new supportive, empowering and enjoyable experiences in 8 key areas of your life.


  • 8 interactive workshops to enhance your life.
  • A week by week journey, one topic per week.
  • More direction in your life, to make the right choices for you and your family.
  • Gain more Clarity of thought and decisions so you can be confident in your choices.
  • Enjoy your home life, leisure time, and surroundings as you find more meaning in even the simplest of pleasures.
  • Experience more pleasure and sensuality in your private life so that you live a joyful and more magical life.
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Benefit from 8 very transformational sessions, where you work with your energy using the simple EAM (Energy Alignment Method) to really get underneath what is holding you back from living your magical life. Sound good? I thought so!

‘Magic 8’  will help you to refresh, declutter and connect with 8 key areas of your life so that you feel empowered and in the driving seat of your life again.

You will create transformation in 8 magical areas of your life, where you may currently feel stuck, lost, disconnected or bereft with one or more areas in your life.

Find your own flow once more as you take 8 weeks to travel through this journey into yourself, built around 8 keys areas of your life so that your life feels more magical once more.

In this 8 session course, you choose how fast or slow you go as you can work through it at your own pace, from the comfort of your home, via video conferencing. Plus there are accompanying handouts and home play activities to work through each week, to help you stay focused on the area you are playing with each week.

We will be covering the following segments of your magical life:

  • Love
  • Leisure
  • Health
  • Physical Space
  • Family & Friends
  • Personal Growth
  • Career / Purpose
  • Money

 “One of the main and favourite areas I’ve seen a transformation in is my personal growth, especially right now as my husband is on his epic 60 day trip around Thailand volunteering at dog rescues and raising funds for a charity. Whilst he’s been away, I’ve had the desire to work on myself even more and discover new strengths and passions.  Thank you so much Ruth! xxxxxxxx”

Magic 8 Online Course



3 reviews for Magic 8 Online

  1. Lisa – Magic 8

    Ruth has such amazing energy, a very gentle, attentive and caring energy. Which made me feel really comfortable with her. The Magic 8 course was amazing, so inspiring and I learnt so much, I would highly recommend it. Thank you Ruth! Lisa x

  2. Rachael

    Ruth is such a beautiful soul I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. She facilitated the course amazingly and I had no doubts about starting the work with her because I knew I would be in safe hands. She is full of wonderful energy and her nurturing ways made me feel very safe and comfortable to do the work. Magic 8 was transformative, it gave me an insight to a new method of energy work that I still continue to use to this day, who knew you could use your sway for almost anything and that your own energy knows best 😇
    Thank you Ruth for all the hard work you put in. Every session was informative, you were attentive and were able to navigate a group of wonderful ladies coming from all different time zones to keep us all on track and achieve amazing results! Lots of love to you, keep sharing your magic 💞

  3. Stacy – Magic 8 Course

    Wow Ruth thank you so much for Magic 8 EAM course it’s really transformed my life! I use it everyday now to check in with things your incredible, it’s really changed my life!! I highly recommend Ruth as therapist to work with to she is funny kind warm and knows her stuff!! You will see benefits having session with Ruth long after too!! She’s amazing thank Ruth looking forward to our next session.

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