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Honour Your Energy is a monthly workshop, for busy women, who are spinning many plates and feel a little frazzled.  It is a cosy space to fill your cup up first! Our sessions are transformational and nurturing.

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Honour Your Energy is a monthly workshop, for you if you are Woman.  As women, we all benefit from our energy being in tip-top condition to best serve all of those we love!

Honour Your Energy Monthly Circle for busy women, Ruthy Doolittle, Sam Selby, Colchester, Essex, UKRuth and Sam create a relaxed, cosy and friendly workshop to guide you through a 2 hour transformation session.  We empower you to spring clean your energy so that you can be the very best version of yourself.

An essential part of self-care is listening to what we need, and creating the space to fill up our cup, as women, we benefit from time taken around the full moon to go inward and connect with our desires.  Our “Honour Your Energy” workshops really help you “declutter” and boost your natural energy.

Each month there is a focus on the earth, the season, luna and astrological energy and how to harness that to your advantage as well as a theme for us to focus on..

Sam and I are both trained Energy Therapists and have been for many years, we will gently guide you on how to use simple energy techniques, to transform your own energy so that you are feeling fantastic and ready for the month ahead!Ruthy Doolittle and Sam Selby, Honour Your Energy, Essex

You can expect to work through the following during each session:

  • Clear your own energy
  • Release any subconscious resistance in your energy
  • Focus on an area of your life and give it a spruce up, energetically.
  • Discuss and learn about astrological, luna and seasonal impact on your energy
  • Align your energy to a high vibrational place for the month ahead
  • Connect with other open-hearted and like-minded souls
  • Laugh and relax as you gift yourself the time of energy healing and alignment



Ladies share this feedback after attending Honour Your Energy.

“Honour Your Energy is the best group around in my opinion” 

“I feel like me again, hello me!”

“I really feel like I am connecting to myself, for the first time in I don’t know how long, I actually had a lunch break with my husband! And I am going to do it again, it felt so good.”


The Library, Prested Hall, Feering. Essex. CO5 9EE

  • 12th November – Relationships
  • 10th December – Christmas
  • 14th Jan – Food.
  • 11th Feb – Purpose
  • 10th March – Theme to be confirmed
  • 14th April – Theme to be confirmed

All ladies who attend are invited to join our exclusive Facebook group so you can continue to share, and connect with the ladies you meet!


Places are limited to 10, so please book ahead – investment £25.

Sam and I look forward to working with you and raising your vibration so that you can best serve yourself, your loved ones very soon!


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