Horse to Heart

Horse to heart, Ruthy Doolittle Animal CommunicatorHorse to Heart is for you and your horse to connect, on a deeper level. You already love and care deeply for your horse, how wonderful to have a more special connection through sharing a two-way conversation!

As crazy as that may sound to you, Ruthy works as a translator to answer all the questions you would love to know the answers to, she shares the animal’s feedback and asks you answers to their questions, so that both of you have clarity, peace of mind and a deeper understanding of each other.

  • Find answers to unresolved behaviours
  • Learn about their wants and needs
  • Find out why and what is driving their habits
  • Connect more deeply with them

One happy clients feedback!

“Ruth came to see our herd of therapy horses. Their health and wellbeing is of upmost importance and therefore we have had various animal commutators before.

Ruth however was different, the horses that chose to speak to her had a lot to say. Our mini Shetland has had lots of problems animal communication session with a horse, Ruthy Doolittle, Spirit and Soul, over the years, convinced something was wrong, I have asked other people why she was reacting. Ruth was the first person to get to the root cause of the problem, and whilst Foxy didn’t give all away or let go, we know now there is something there to work on.

The questions asked were fantastic, and some were really important and key to the relationship and connection between me and then.

She was thorough, genuine and could tell the horses were super happy beings around her. They all just snoozed and relaxed. In the work we’re in, that speaks volumes for how genuine, caring and calm Ruth is. 100% recommend and will not use anyone else in the future. ?

What to do next.

If this is of interest to you, Ruthy always has a chat on the phone over a brew, before working with you both, to make sure you are the best fit for each other and explain the different ways she works to help you more.  To book in a complimentary call and gain answers to your questions, please book here.  Otherwise, you can get in touch through the form here. 

I look forward to hearing from you and connecting horse to heart very soon, Ruthy xx