Cat Chat

Cat Chat is the place for you if you are a Crazy Cat lady, just love your cat and want to know more, about your cat.

catchat, animal communication for cats with Ruthy DoolittleLearn more about what they think, more about what they do all day and more about their likes and dislikes, deepen your understanding of them and your connection to one another.

Learn answers to all of your unanswered questions, like why do they make that funny meow when you do that?

Find out nuggets of information from their pasts, talk to them about the meaning of life, the animal friends they like and dislike or more serious stuff like what do they need when it comes to end of life or crossing the rainbow bridge for them.

Taking part in an animal communication can really make all the difference to you, give you peace of mind and a plan of what to do and in what order. Catchat animal communication, Ruthy Doolittle, Colchester, Essex, UK


Here is what one fellow cat lover shared after her ‘catchat’ experience with me.

“Absolutely amazing communication session with Ruth this week!! I met Ruth at an event and was instantly drawn to her amazing energy. I was super keen to book the session as my husband and I are traveling for 12 months and I wanted to explain this to our 2 cats, hubby was pretty skeptical.

However after having the call with Ruth we were both totally blown away by the insights Ruth gave and there’s just no way to explain what she picked up from both cats the messages were so specific to each of their personalities we were just blown away! Thank-you so much for helping us and our fur babies xx”

If you are curious and would like to discuss working together then go ahead and book a complimentary virtual cuppa call here, so we can explore working together.