Animal Communication Improvers Workshop

Improve your animal communication skills. It is essential that you have completed an introduction to animal communication with me or another recognized animal communication professional prior to this workshop.

This one day workshop will really take your communication skills onto the next level, you will receive clearer messages, trust the depth of what you are learning and receiving, be able to help an animal explain to its human carer what its wants and needs are.

You will experience:
Meditation and visualisations.
Energy work to clear any limiting beliefs, doubts or fears getting in your way of listening deeply.
Heaps of heartfelt practice with teachers who are very experienced at communicating in this way.


What you will take away:

  • A deeper understanding of yourself and your abilities.
  • Trust yourself more than ever
  • Insightful messages and guidance
  • Increased confidence to practise even more
  • Connection to other like-minded ladies
  • More insights and clarity of your own intuition

Ahead of your day please can you prepare your space so that you won’t be disturbed, that you have a pen, notebook, tissues and some water to hand.

Please be sure to have opened the windows and changed the air and energy of the space you will be in.

You may want a candle and to be comfortably dressed for the day. There will be meditations, so you may want a blanket to hand too.

Dates – soon to be available all year round!

Animal Communication Improvers Workshop is coming soon online.