Animal Communication and Wellness Business Day

Communication can really help you if you have an animal related business.

This is not for you if you have a typical standard job such. as an accountant, nurse or marketer. Unless your business is animal related this course will not make sense or be a good investment for you.

This is for you if:
You have tried other things and they don’t work.
If your business is built around your passion for animals
If you wish to create a legacy for your family

So how do you make your animal related business more enjoyable, and more profitable?
We start the day with a visualisation process.
Connect to your wishes and dreams for your business.
Provide transformation around limiting beliefs, thoughts and patterns that are stopping you from truly growing your business the way you want to.
We create a 1 page plan of action so that you can actually implement things simply and don’t get overwhelmed.
We connect to the animal kingdom for guidance, intuitions and feedback.
You learn how to connect to your own inner guidance so that you trust yourself more deeply.

You will work with a range of different animals dogs, horse and cats are likely to show up, however this is very dependent on them and you may be graced with messages from the birds and insects just as much.

The whole day is on zoom and is recorded.
There will be breaks
There will be Q&A.

Know that you are talking to someone who has “come out of the weird closet” who has been there and is doing what you are working towards.

Ruth has a long career in sales and marketing spanning over 20 years, she has been a therapist since 2006 and her business has changed enormously over the years.

She will share / you will get:
Coaching to help you get to the reason why you keep showing up each and every day
Tips and tricks to save you time.
Business savvy to help you make better decisions in your business.
Sensible solutions so that you can grow your business with ease

Ruth has been mentoring and coaching professionals since 2008 1:1 and looks forward to answering your burning questions as well as leading you through the changes you need and want to make to live a more aligned life.

This is NOT your standard business coaching class, Ruth is a dynamic change-maker, who teaches and mentors intuition, holistic wellness, animal communication and energy alignment. She will embrace the law of attraction and a host of other simple techniques to help you connect with the truth of your business and bring it to life.

Ahead of your day please can you prepare your space so that you won’t be disturbed, that you have a pen, notebook, tissues and some water to hand.

Please be sure to have opened the windows and changed the air and energy of the space you will be in.

You may want a candle and to be comfortably dressed for the day. There will be meditations, so you may want a blanket to hand too.

Ruth is fun to work with, extremely intuitive, and she knows her stuff and how to hold space for healing!
I highly recommend sessions with her to anyone who is ready to get unstuck!! Thank you Ruth!


Spring 2021 – exact date to be confirmed – sign up below to hear when new dates are added.

Animal Communication and Wellness Business Day is just £128 per person.

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