Such a gentle soul, my ex-street dog is a total couch potato these days as he lives with arthritis and a damaged pelvis, he knows what he wants and these days his needs are pretty simple.  ‘Know your dog’, became such a mantra with my boy, as I got to know his personality, body, heart, and mind.

Marshall, such a gentle soul Animal Communication

The summer is easier for him as the damp and colder days make his arthritic body ache, he eats a no-grain diet and is often kept on a lead so he doesn’t overdo it goofing around.

He LOVES time on the sofa, being massaged, being brushed, having a fuss, visits from ladies, and anytime at all swimming in calm waters.  He often asks to go to the little river so he can swim and enjoy the water and has even taught his friend who was scared of the water that it is actually a wonderful activity.

As a hound type, he is easily satisfied with a “snifari” style walk taking in lots of sniffs, socializing with one of his doggie friends, or visiting friends of the family – preferably those with nice sofas and ladies or with treats and bones!

Know your dog.

How do you know what your dog truly loves, likes, and wants?

Booking an animal communication session can provide all sorts of insights and answers to your questions so that you have:

?‍♀️ peace of mind
?clarity on what to do next
?a deeper understanding of your dog

?which leads to a stronger bond between you both ?

Animal Communication Session, how does it work?

In an animal communication session, to know your dog, you simply send in a recent photograph, and some of your questions, and turn up on the day with tissues, a notebook, and some water to hand.

Your dog doesn’t need to be present in the room though it can be.

I then connect with your dog and communicate with it, while you sit and have a cuppa.

I ask all of your questions, some of my own, and can include a holistic wellness assessment to see what complimentary or professional treatments would benefit your dog.

After I have communicated with your dog I share all the insights and feedback with you, at this point, I record the session so you can have a copy of it to keep.

What does this include?

I work with a range of different dogs (any breed) including:

  1. who are rescue dogs from the UK and abroad
  2. dogs who are anxious
  3. dogs displaying undesirable behaviours
  4. you’ve been to the vets and they’ve said there is nothing wrong with your dog even though you know there is
  5. animals facing the end of life
  6. or families who have recently been bereaved and wish to connect with their animal across the rainbow bridge

What to do next?

If you are curious about booking a session, do book a complimentary chat with me, and let’s explore working together.

From the heart,

Ruthy xx