This is my story on how I got into Animal Communication.  This is me and my cat, my familiar, Zanzi. She came to live with me early 2012, she was a rescue cat from a local grass-roots cat rescue and she had been kicked out after getting pregnant as a kitten herself, once the kittens were rehomed she was left alone in the cat rescue waiting for a home.

It was love at first sight.Zanzi, Ruth Doolittle rescue cat

It was instant, her big green eyes and playful impish charm, she looked at me longing me to take her home. So I took her home that day and she slept next to me in the bed all night, outstretched along the pillow, relieved to have a home.
The early days I would leave her at home with my housemate if I went away for the night and she would ALWAYS wee on my bed and sometimes on the bathroom mat.
I always told her that I would always give her a home but we wouldn’t be friends if that behaviour continued.
In my head, I heard a voice, with urgent questions: “where have you been? Where do you go, why do you go and come back?”
As I looked at my little cat and she stared into my eyes with her big green eyes, knowingly.
It happened more than once.
The voice in my head happened a lot and nearly everytime she was looking into my eyes, willing me to acknowledge her and my abilities……

So I was in denial

The thing is I wasn’t ready to accept my gifts.
I thought I was going mad.
I thought I was making it up.
I thought how and why is this happening to me?
I didnt even really know animal communication was a ‘thing’
I knew I had to get help.

I needed help.

So I did and the ‘help’ told me everything I had already heard, the ‘help’ told me that my little cat knew I could hear her, she asked me why I ignored her, why I didn’t tell her everything and that she was letting me know she was ‘peed off’ with me going and not telling her when I was coming back. A simple explanation before an overnight stay would suffice!
I was astounded, is that really what would stop her peeing on my bed?
And I was shocked and in denial, however I thought I would give it a try and believe it or not I tried it, and it worked!
Apart from 1 incident just after I moved house there have been NO WET BEDS in a DECADE!!! I say this because our animals do try and communicate with us ALL the time and we miss it, the subtle queues, the little nudges and the obvious ones too.
We are too busy, too distracted, too disconnected, and too sceptical. Yet intuitive abilities are bestowed upon us all, and are our greatest super power.
How I learned more about animal communication.
Since then I have studied and trained with some of the best teachers in the world, and how I got into Animal Communication.
I have communicated with thousands of animal, cats, dogs horses, pigs, guines pigs, ferrets, rabbits, birds and reptiles; both alive and in spirit.
How I got into Animal Communiction has helped many families find clarity on what to do next and how to best serve their animals as well as work with them:
  • settle into new homes
  • live happier lives
  • prepare for ther family to go on holiday (and return)
  • recover from grief
  • stop their undesireable behaviours
  • adjust to other animals in the home
  • prepare for end of life
  • communicate with loved ones from across the rainbow bridge.
Intuition and trusting my own mighty heart is at the centre of ALL of this work. Little did I know in 2012 when Zanzi came to live with me, that I would get into animal communication and this is where I would be in 2022 teaching and sharing, communicating and learning more about animal behaviour and holistic wellness! 
What to do next!
What helped me along the way with Animal Communication is now what I teach and share.
Learn how to expand your intuition in a 6 part workshop online (coming soon).
Learn how to increase your intuition in monthly Inspired Intuition Circles online, (curious? enquire here).
Learn how to expand your intution in my online introduction to Animal Communication course.
Intuition is a super power and a beautiful gift, embrace yours and lead a happier more fulfilled life, plus get on with your animals even better by deepening your connection to your heart and to them!
Every single person on earth has intuitive abilities, even you! So if you are curious to learn more about developing your intutive abilites then pop me a message.
So I am curious, do you follow your intuition or animals guidance? Share your feedback in the comments below, because I’d love to hear from you.
From the heart,
Ruthy x