If you haven’t heard of Colloidal Silver before today, you are clearly missing out. It is Mother Nature’s very own antibiotic, effective against all types of viruses, fungi and bacteria. It boosts our immune system and promotes healing. There is nothing that compares to it and its countless benefits. In this article, we’ll be covering its history, uses and benefits.

A Brief History of Colloidal Silver

For thousands of years, silver has been used for healing and anti-bacterial purposes by countless civilizations, throughout the world. There are various instances of Colloidal Silver littered throughout history. For instance, the Greeks used silver vessels to store water and keep other liquids fresh. Likewise, the Roman Empire stored wine in large silver urns to increase its shelf life. In ancient Greek and Roman Empires, it was used as a medical preservative.

In addition, silver was employed as a germicide and antibiotic, long before the development of modern pharmaceuticals. It is a known fact, that disease-causing pathogens could not survive in the presence of silver. Consequently, the wealthy stored and ate their food from silver dishware and drank from silver vessels. Even the eating utensils were made of silver. In the middle ages, silverware helped the wealthy from feeling the full brunt of the black plague.

The use of silver has also been mentioned in ancient Egyptian scripters. The Chinese emperors ate with silver chopsticks. Historical evidence shows that the druids also used silver. In the early 1800s, doctors successfully used silver sutures in surgical wounds.

It is not just ancient literature that shows evidence of its use. Silver leaf was used in World War One to combat infectious wounds sustained by troops. It has been used as a bactericide in hospitals for the past 1200 years.

Lastly, an abundance of literature in Ayuverdic medicine is found on the uses of silver. Colloidal Silver was used as a tonic and elixir in small amounts. It was used as a rejuvenating agent on patients who were incapacitated by disease and old age.

The re-discovery of the uses of Colloidal Silver

Scientists did not rediscover the uses of silver till the late 1800s. This rediscovery led to the development of medicinal silver compounds cashing in on silver’s medicinal benefits. By the 1900s, silver’s use as an antibacterial substance was enormously widespread. In the 1940s, there were four dozen different silver compounds available in the market. They were used to treat all kinds of infectious diseases in various forms – from oral to injectable and topical applications.

It also led to in-depth and comprehensive research on silver and its effects on our bodies. Studies and reputable journals reported that properly prepared colloidal dispersion of silver had no side effects.

Currently, new knowledge of body chemistry has given rise to an array of applications for Colloidal Silver. These include colloidal disinfectants and medicines and opening up new avenues of research on the capabilities and possibilities of silver colloids.

Colloidal Silver today

It has become exceedingly common nowadays. More and more people have learned of its amazing health benefits over the recent years through reviews and testimonials, researching on their own and having a more holistic approach towards their healthcare and well-being. Our bodies eventually develop a resistance to chemical-filled drugs and antibiotics, but it is a gift from Mother Nature and has no side effects on our bodies.

Benefits and uses of Colloidal Silver

From medicinal to skincare, Colloidal Silver is used in various products for various ailments. In essence, Colloidal Silver is a mineral. Below are some of its benefits:

Germicide: It is a potent germicide killing certain germs by destroying proteins which is why it was very famous for dressing wounds.  Apart from that, it has been used to treat infections, skin ailments, hay fever and more.

Preservative: it is added to certain foods and condiments. It stops the growth of salmonella responsible for food poisoning. That doesn’t mean that you leave it outside. You still need to seal it in an airtight container and refrigerate it. The addition of silver increases its shelf life while aiding indigestion.

Digestive Aid: most people add 10 ml of Colloidal Silver to their drinks or smoothies to help in the digestion of food. It keeps the food from festering in the digestive tract and making the food more usable within our bodies. It also helps in reducing burps and flatulence.

Bathing: in ancient times, the rich used to add these to their baths to reap its healing benefits on the skin.

Hand Sanitisers:  It is known for its anti-bacterial properties. It can be applied to kill bacteria and germs. In light of COVID-19, its use in homemade sanitisers has increased exponentially.

Antibacterial Sprays for Surfaces: again, clean services are required in various occupations such as at the veterinary clinic or even something as simple as a kitchen counter.

Cold and Flu: Colloidal Silver is known to treat and dispel the symptoms of a cold and flu. Say goodbye to a stuffy nose.

Topical Use of Colloidal Silver

Generally administration of Colloidal Silver is oral, but you can also benefit from its topical application. When applied directly to open wounds or sores, it eliminates surface infections without stinging or burning the skin. Colloidal Silver effectively kills topical germs in under six minutes without harming surrounding tissue. It helps in reducing the development of scar tissue.

Likewise, Colloidal Silver is also used to treat warts and moles.

Crystal Health and Beauty’s Colloidal Silver

Crystal Health and Beauty only deals in premium quality Colloidal Silver. It is dispensed in amber glass bottles to provide the right conditions for Colloidal Silver and increase its shelf life. A potent mineral such as Colloidal Silver should never be stored in plastic containers, neither should you ever refrigerate or freeze it. Contact with the fridge will cause the electrical particles to draw out by the electrical charge of the fridge.

How is our product made?

Crystal Health and Beauty’s Colloidal Silver is of the finest quality. It is produced responsibly with machines that ensure its nano-size. The water quality is tested for suitability prior to its processing. Water suitability plays a pivotal role. If the water is unfit, over time the silver particles will attach to the electrolytes present in the water and form agglomerates. These eventually turn into clumps and sink to the bottom. Therefore, we only use industrially distilled water – distilled water is free of electrolytes.

Odourless, colourless and tasteless – three words we can use to describe our Colloidal Silver. We recommend a daily dose of 20 -30 ml to boost the immune system and keep all chemical-filled medicines at bay. Our Colloidal Silver will help to dispel any symptoms of flu, stomach bugs and even toothaches.

Please bear in mind that it is not a cure-all, you will get the occasional infection, and it is not something to be alarmed about. Regardless, you can increase your recommended dose from 60 to 120 ml if need be.

Our emollient cream

Crystal Health and Beauty has developed an emollient Colloidal Silver cream with potent natural oils and butters for topical application. It can be used to treat stubborn skin conditions such as eczema, rashes, psoriasis, and other skin ailments. It can also be used on cuts or abrasions to speed up the healing process.

Side effects of Colloidal Silver

The initial dosage of Colloidal Silver will likely cause some people to feel aches in their entire bodies. By the fourth day, you will feel slightly sluggish. These symptoms are dependent on your body. If your body is loaded with unwanted toxins, the Colloidal Silver will remove them from the body resulting in the above symptoms. We recommend that you keep yourself hydrated during this period to lessen these symptoms.

A daily dose is like having a second immune system as it boosts our inherent system and works with it to kill off unwanted pathogens.

We recommend that you carry out your research before being swayed by the results on Google or mainstream myths about Colloidal Silver.

The only side effect  is “Argyria” and, that too is as a result of overdosage.  Argyria is the development of blue skin or fingernails. Excessive silver starts to store in our body, especially in tissues and collagen, which make up our skin and fingernails. It is treatable by stopping use. Furthermore, this condition only occurs when the particles are big. Rest assured that Crystal Health and Beauty ensures its nano-sized particles to avoid such outcomes. The smaller the size, the easier it is for the body to absorb. The small size ensures that there is no build-up.

Bottom line

In conclusion it is a natural antibiotic. It is antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial and antimicrobial. It is effective in killing pathogens within six minutes. It might not be a cure-all, but its pros definitely outweigh its cons.