When you think about it what springs to mind for you?  Energy healing and healing energy come in many different forms. We are all made up of energy and while energy cannot be destroyed, it can be transmuted or transformed.

Look at rain which falls from the sky. It goes into the soil, and now see the plants, which use that water to grow, which then feed us. And the energy of the food gives us energy. The water also evaporates in the soil and creates clouds, it changes form.

There are many, many examples on this planet that we call home of how energy transforms. Yet there are none of energy being destroyed. We are all vibrational beings and energy healing can be carried out in person or remotely. This is because we live in a vibrational space, everything that is here on earth has vibration, the air, the water, the earth, the fire, our thoughts, our feelings, our beliefs, our emotions, the words we speak and think, music, water, heat, all have different vibrations and vibrations can and do get stuck.

Very often, humans have all sorts of things that are stuck in their energy system. Stuck thoughts, stuck beliefs, stuck pain, stuck trauma, stuck or limited thinking. The list goes on and on and on. As a Holistic Therapist I have trained in a number of different energy healing modalities that work on releasing those stuck energies and transforming them into something else, mch lighter and more aligned.


The first one I trained in was Reiki, which is specifically an energy healing technique that can be used hands on, or hands off. It works by channeling the energy of a number of different symbols which have different meanings. Reiki is gentle and powerful works with the chakra system, the energy centers of the body and can be carried out on animals and humans alike, remember we’re all part of the animal kingdom as sentient beings. And as Reiki is non invasive, it can be used very easily on the sick and infirm. It is often used in palliative care, to help people who are frightened about the end of life, or in a great deal of pain, Reiki can relieve all sorts of things. It can also pick up all sorts of things going on in your energy system before they manifest in the physical.


Rahanni is a similar energy treatment to Reiki in that it can be given remotely via distance or be applied handson. It is just effective either way. However, the energy of Rahanni is much higher vibration than Reiki.  It comes from the 5D. Working with the Ascended Masters, the Grand Central Sun, the 51 Pink Celestial Angels, known as the Rahanni Angels and is incredibly powerful. I haven’t really covered everything that’s involved in Rahanni however Rahanni is a simple hands off technique that is very very powerful when accessed remotely to help people that need healing from trauma, from pain, from illness, from loss of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical symptoms that are going on in their psyche.  Rahanni works with rays of light, which are of different colour and the different colours correlate with different aspects of the healing. Having experienced Rahanni myself, and Reiki too. I appreciate the difference in both of the techniques, however, to the unfamiliar eye they look very similar.

Energy Alignment Method

The Energy Alignment Method, or EAM® as it is known, is a fantastic powerful energy healing technique. It is an internationally recognized transformation self-help technique that is indeed very flexible and very powerful. It is based in both spirituality and science. Spiritually combining traditional Chinese medicine five elements, meridians, aura, chakras, QI. and Science, such as quantum physics, neuroscience, positive psychology and cardio science.

EAM®  is made up of five simple steps that you can apply to any area of your life in particular thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, situations, and indeed your own energy.

To give you an example of how this works, when you think about sorting out your wardrobe. How does that make you feel?  Are you excited about doing it, or are you dreading it and putting it off?

When you think about going to work on a Monday. What happens to your energy?  Are you happy about it, or are you dreading it?

You see energy is very tangible. It’s easy to assess how you feel because you know what’s going on. You might be excited or looking forward to seeing somebody that you haven’t seen for a while, you may not be looking forward to seeing somebody, you may have racing thoughts, or be making up scenarios in your head about a conversation you’re going to have. You may find it difficult to go to sleep at night because you worry constantly about what is going to happen in the future. Well going over and over and over and over what happened in the past  is simply energy, and with the five steps of EAM® you can literally transform those low vibration and negative feelings into something much more resilient.

I am lucky enough to be one of just three Energy Alignment Master Mentors in the whole world. That means that not only have I worked on my stuff, but I teach others. I deliver EAM® events. I provide EAM® in my private practice, and I also teach others how to become EAM® mentors themselves. It means I know my stuff and have worked with 1000s of people around the world to change the thoughts, feelings and beliefs and shift their vibration, meaning you are in safe knowledgeable hands when you work with me, nothing phases me.

Quantum Heating and Bio-Resonance

Quantum Healing and Bio-Resonance uses technology in a small bio-resonance machine that combines microcurrents for in person sessions and quantum healing for distance sessions. The bio-resonance machine scans the energy from a photograph and intention, and is able to detect in the energy field of the person. It’s working on a number of different things that it would benefit from that time, there are 120 different programs in the machine from Bach Flower remedies, Gem Elixirs, Digital Nutrition to I Ching and so much more, as well as any number of pain management healing frequencies.

Whilst it can be hard to get your head around how energy healing can work if you haven’t experienced this yourself, have you ever thought about somebody, and then they phoned you? Or you were thinking about something and then you heard those lyrics in a song on the radio?

Frequencies are attracted to similar frequencies, and you can draw them into your energy field, you can focus your intention or your thoughts on something you’d like to bring into your life and then it appears. Have you ever thought about buying a new car and then everywhere that you look you see that car? Or you wish for something to turn up in your life and it drops into your lap? This is working with the quantum field. And it just goes to show how powerful our thoughts, actually are.

I’ve experienced all of these energy healing techniques myself and have also spent many, many hours working with clients on a one to one and in a group basis to help them on their own healing journeys.

If you are curious about one of these healing techniques for you then go ahead and book a call to explore working together, or if you know for sure you’d like to work with me then go ahead and book in with me.