If you are wondering where to start with your animal’s natural health then please don’t worry.  When I realised it was a ‘thing’ and I could totally change the approach I take with my own animals care, one change, one day at a time was enough and I was able to relax into it a little.

Don’t get me wrong I really wanted to make all the right changes as soon as I possibly could, however, there are only so many hours in the day right?

So where do I start?

Have a look around your home looking for toxins and artificial chemicals that you are adding to the environment that could affect their natural health.

  • What cleaning products do you use?
  • What polish, window and floor cleaner are you using?
  • What do the animal’s bowls and bedding get cleaned with?
  • Then have a look at what toxins you put on your animals.
  • What flea treatment do you use?
  • How often do you get them vaccinated?
  • What are you feeding them?
  • Can you read all the ingredients?

Questions to ask.

  • If you are confused about vaccinations, ask your vet – “does my animal really need this booster every year or can it be pushed out to every three years?”
  • Has your animal had a lot of prescribed medication, antibiotics or anaesthetic or dental work in its life?
  • What are you currently feeding your animals?
  • How can you make it more natural for them and you?

Points to consider.

If you can’t read the ingredients on food labels and cleaning products look into more natural brands that are leaping bunny approved (not tested on animals) and impact the environment less or are made with recyclable packaging, think about cooking your own or research raw feeding.  There are lots of suppliers here in the UK who prepare whole raw foods for our carnivorous furry friends.

If you are using toxic chemicals in the home, these will be impacting your own and your animals’ endocrine system.  If you’ve not heard of that it is the body’s system for secreting and controlling hormones in the body and controls everything from when to eat to when to sleep and much, much more.

Artificial chemicals are hormone disrupters and while the body adjusts remarkably well to have them in the body, the long-term effects on the body’s natural health are not positive as animals, in particular, cats are not able to eliminate these harmful substances from their bodies long-term.

So think about what is showing up as ‘bad behaviour’, smelly animals or animals with heat spots, allergic reactions or chronic issues with liver or kidneys could actually be partly responsible for toxic overload or a reaction to toxic overload in the body.

What next?

I am a big advocate of elimination, so take out the toxins in the home and replace them with less harsh cleaning products, go back to old fashioned ways and use lemon, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda for day-to-day cleaning.

Fresh air and ventilation support the elimination process so do open the windows and doors, especially after moving furniture or cleaning the house.  If you think something smells strong it will be considerably worse for any animal that lives in your home.

Keep a journal and make a note of any changes that you observe, do your research around natural products to use at home, whether shop-bought cleaning products or ones you make yourself.

Look for support with eliminating toxins naturally such as taking herbs and drinking lots of water, as toxins build up in the internal organs such as the kidney or in particular the liver.

You may not have heard of a zoopharmacognosy specialist however there are plenty of them out there and they use a technique with herbs called self-selection.  Lots of my clients get recommended to go and see the zoopharmacognosy therapist with their animals, this approach allows the animal to choose what they need to restore optimum well-being naturally, sometimes the animal will choose just one herb from the selection offered to them and other times she will choose many, and the results speak for themselves.

If in doubt book an in-depth animal communication session and find out exactly what your animal needs and what it wants to return to optimum natural health once more.

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