The Hawaiin forgiveness prayer

Have you heard of Ho’oponopono, the Hawaiin forgiveness prayer?  I studied it  during the cocooning early last year after being blown away by its power over the past couple of years in my work and daily practises.

It combines repentance, forgiveness, gratitude and love and is so simple to do, on your own or send intentionally to a situation, person or animal.

It is a very powerful mantra to adopt with any area of your life where forgiveness is needed.  That isn’t to say you forget what they did or how you feel, it is to show how heart centred you live your life, and choose to forgive rather than hold onto hate and resentment.


You may have a difficult relationship with someone in your life, repeat this simple prayer with them in your intentions until you feel your energy soften towards them or the situation.You may have felt you made a poorly timed choice about letting an animal go, too long, not soon enough, rehomed them somewhere you felt wasn’t right whatever it is, use this prayer to forgive yourself.

A little guidance

If you want help with this, or working through forgiveness then you may want to book a little guidance from an outside perspective.

I provide 30 min sessions with this in mind, just for you you can book them using this link here:




From the heart,

Ruthy D xx