My eternal love for trees 

I have always loved trees when I lived in Eire we were surrounded by pine forest and lived above the tree line for native trees so had wonderful views.

I remember seeing red squirrels on the ridge into Lismore living in different pine trees to the ones near us, looking in awe for the phosphorous substances glowing green on the shady and damp forest of the valley in Kilwatermoy the hamlet we lived in.  To climbing and hugging trees, their smell and the air around them, they always feel peaceful to me, like I am home. My time travelling introduced me to some magnificent specimens of trees, from this tree in a botanical garden in Sri Lanka.  To the literal forest of southern Madagascar, where we politely ‘shit packed’ little pouches to plant native seeds in to help replant the forests and create corridors for diversity to connect and continue to survive in a much depleted land.

Giving Back

When I started this business I wanted to give back a little, and while my turnover is not huge like a global conglomerate, I always donate a little each month to this wonderful movement TreeSisters “inspiring a reforestation revolution”.

They replant ancient rainforests around the world, create employment and education in deprived areas, connect women to ancient rituals and ceremonies that re-connect us to the ways of our own inner cycles, reflected outside of us in the cycle of life, and the seasons.

Where do my donations go? All TreeSisters partners donations get spread between these different areas –

TreeSisters My Forest screenshot

  • 80% of donations fund forests, ecosystems and biodiversity restoration through a diverse portfolio of vetted and trusted reforestation projects across the global tropical belt
  • 15% of donations fund our programs and campaigning in Nature education, women’s empowerment and behaviour change
  • 5% of donations are used to support our running and fundraising costs

This is what my contribution each month to TreeSisters is contributing towards.




If you’re interested in donating to or researching into TreeSisters then check them out here

From the heart,

Ruthy D x x