Holistic Wellness for Arthritis;  Marshall is my rescue dog and being an arthritic dog, needs a little more of a gentle approach to life.

Marshall Dog HolisticIn his exuberance, expressing joy on the wet grass, he fell, of course on his arthritic hip with quite a wack. To help him immediately after that we implemented the following:

  • Put him on the lead and slowly walked him home.
  • Gave him arnica homeopathic remedy known for helping bruising.
  • Popped 6 extra drops of CBD with Turmeric in his food.
  • Gave him natural painkillers.

We got these from our Holistic Vet as Mashall is only 5 we want him to have a long and healthy life.  The super-strong pain killers I feel are reserved for later on in his life, chronic pain, or emergencies to minimise the long term side effects of taking medication. Encouraged him to rest by sitting and laying with him. Following 3 days we took him for short lead walks only.

Ruthy Doolittle, and her dog MarshallOur approach with Marshall’s arthritis is:

  • Shorter walk around 20-40 mins twice a day with one or two longer walks no more than 90 mins and much of that on the lead, once a week for socialising with doggie friends.
  • No rough and tumble with anyone or any other animal.
  • No launcher-ball games -Marshall doesn’t play which is a relief but your dog may be very ball oriented.
  • Avoid stairs. Avoid jumping in and out of cars.
  • Rugs on our floors to avoid slipping – this is recommended for ALL dogs.
  • A super comfy orthopedic dog bed – he doesn’t sleep on it. A super comfy sofa which he does sleep on!
  • Grain-free diet, Joint supplements including chondroitin, MSM and Green Lipped Muscle
  • Monthly low-level laser sessions from our Holistic Vet who visits in-home.
  • Occasional chiropractic adjustments also from our Holistic Vet Daily
  • CBD drops in his breakfast with Turmeric.  This helps to reduce inflammation and we really notice the difference in him if we forget to pop them in his food.
  • We avoid him getting and staying wet. Give him extra warmth on wet or damp days, especially if it has been going on for weeks and weeks.

Marshall, Ruthy Doolittle's Rescue Dogs Face

And of course a LOT of love. In the past, he has also had Clinical Canine Massage from Essex Rivers Canine Massage which was super beneficial for him, though it isn’t needed on an ongoing basis. it helps to work on the fascia and release stuck and tight muscles.

Marshall has also seen more than one conventional vet, specialists at Dick White Referrals and we have attended Veterinary based arthritis workshops for dogs so it isn’t a one size fits all solution, it really does take a holistic approach.


If in doubt book an in-depth animal communication session and find out exactly what your animal needs and what it wants to return to optimum health once more.

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From the heart,

Ruthy D xx