Hey! I’m Bobs, creatrix of animal memorial pendants and a pixie sized bundle of love, born with an insane connection with animals. However, I grew up not quite realising it, because it was an everyday normal thing for me, but people would be and still are, in absolute awe of how the animals interact with me!

It wasn’t until in my mid 20s, when I met Ruthy at an animal wellness event it finally all made sense. She literally blew my mind with what was possible and showed me what my potential was. I learnt so much about how to trust my intuition with what was happening, in regards to what I was feeling and hearing with the animals and she has been a beautiful inspiration ever since. Our amazing friendship has really helped me be able to develop my amazing gifts to a more intense level.

One of my many animal communication gifts is that I can help their souls transition into the spirit world and the more experienced I became with this the more I learnt the deep importance of physical touch in the process, which I’ll come to later.

Losing our animals over the rainbow bridge is always so so heartbreakingly difficult, because we humans develop such a strong soul bond and treasured friendship with our animals. They become your family, your soul tribe and even though their spirit is always with you its still hard their physical body no longer being with you.

The lesson of how important physical touch is with our animals, and the inspiration for my memorial pendants, came from the loss of an extremely special spirit animal of mine. Duchess my pure white cat came to me and sadly departed –  at the perfect timing mind you – to assist me on my spiritual journey and actually switched on a lot of my gifts so to speak!

However, this was one MAHOOSIVE, sudden wake up call, that I wasn’t prepared for and so it hit me really hard. I had one of the deepest connections with her and I felt her pain and fear. When I helped her pass, in my arms, it was one of the hardest things I had to do, as I so desperately wanted more time with her on this earth, but she had completed her mission on what she came here to do and it was her time to ascend to spirit, so it was meant to be.

I know her spirit is with me always as I feel and sense it, but I wanted to strengthen that bond and connection, with energy from part of her physical being. I had already been making crystal healing pendants and Orgonite pendants and so had guided messages that making an animal memorial pendant would be a very similar process.

I lovingly hand make these animal memorial pendants from scratch, using part of your beloved’s physical aspect e.g. Fur, shed or anything you collect from them and carefully layer it with some crystals and a charm to represent them, all of your choice. I then encase it all in a resin mould to make the perfect pendant for you.

By using a physical part of your animal it incorporates the physical touch part of your healing process, which you can wear close to your heart always.

The personalisation process is what makes them so unique and special, as not only have they got your animals energy in them, but by you choosing the elements of the pendants that resonate with your soul, it makes them pretty powerful!

I also finalise them by charging them with the beautiful Rahanni heart based healing energy to help comfort you.

These gorgeous animal memorial pendants have really helped me to stay calm and connected with not only my grieving process, when I am faced with the loss of any animal of mine, but they also help to connect with their spirit and are very comforting and powerful.

I’d love to be able to share this with as many people I can, as it is a beautiful thing to be able to do and experience, because anyone has the ability to connect.

You can find me on Instagram and Facebook, if you would like to find out more. Just buzz me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.




Animal Healing Pendants by Bobbie