Let’s talk about slowing down , hibernating and focusing on our own winter wellness.

Take time to rest, to nurture yourself and recharge your batteries I know you have children, work full time and may even have relatives that you are looking after too, I get it.  Life is busy, especially with kids in this consumerist style society at this time of year! However I also understand how many hours us humans while away, unconsciously scrolling, browsing and distracting ourselves with social media, podcasts, YouTube funnies (they also have a place and a time) and being busy. Yet we were not born or designed this way, as women and men, we are cyclical beings, and through our modern lives have become disconnected from this.




Seasons Change 

  • Winter is a time traditionally to get cosy, put the fire on, eat stews, curries and root vegetables, to put on a little extra weight and to rest as the shorter days force us indoors.
  • Autumn is about letting go, of what doesn’t serve us, the time is abundant and full of harvest, this is where you get to reap the harvest you sowed in the wintertime or spring.
  • Summer is about lots of energy, time to socialise and be outdoors for hours at a time, connecting to those we love and taking projects to new heights, it is a time of salad and fruit, fun and play.
  • Spring is still coming out of hibernation time, it is energised though not at full speed, things are starting to come out of the ground, ideas may be bubbling around yet the full force of summer energy isn’t live yet so hold on tight for a little longer.

When we tune into the seasons of the area we live in and model our behaviour and activities around them more, our natural circadian rhythms support us more. So for instance by not taking any time to hibernate in the winter, by the following summer solstice you may well find you are feeling exhausted, burned out, or even worse; your mental health is suffering and you are experiencing suicidal thoughts.

Now you may ask, how do I hibernate when it is Christmas and new year for me and my three kids?

I get it, life is busy and demanding. yet you do not have to do it all on your own. When sitting down at home, have a fluffy blanket, wear house slippers or socks that help you feel cosy, always wear a scarf when leaving the house to stop cold drafts going down your neck. Have warm baths, go to bed early, lay in bed or on the sofa reading. And if you hear yourself say “I will never get my kids to do that” try modelling that behaviour yourself and see what happens. Movie nights are great as that is indoors and can be extra snuggly. Be creative, what projects can be done inside the home at this time, bring your winter woollies out of the wardrobe, sort through the pile of books you wish to read and commit to reading a little of one of those books each day. I know that years where I have not honoured the winter hibernation I have paid for it dearly with my health by the middle of the following summer. I think of it as recharging my batteries on a deeper level than just having 8 hours sleep a night.


Going into hibernation

With all of that in mind, I am going into hibernation.  Time to read, time to watch courses and programmes online, extra cuddly time to spend with my family; humans and animals, walks in the middle of the day so that I maximise the low light at this time of year, baths, cosy clothes and early nights. I shall be resurfacing after my birthday towards the end of January and I invite you to find a way to make time to get cosy and snuggly this winter as I am sure you like me, are very much looking to 2021 summer being different to the summer of 2020 and I intend to enjoy every moment of it!!!




Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and festive break!

From the heart, Ruthy D x x x