As an Animal Communicator, I get asked about my own animals so let me introduce you to some of mine.

These are the current cats, living with my family. They are all rescue cats and they all talk!

Ruthy Doolittle's catsZanzi arrived first in 2011 and Eddie is the latest addition as he arrived earlier this year. Top left is Zanzibar, she got me into animal communication and according to her has been with me in every lifetime as my familiar. She is a miracle cat and is very playful and fiesty, even though she is tiny do not be fooled, she is mighty too!

Zanzi isn’t a fan of other cats, though has taken to Eddie and in more recent times has been observed mingling with the others!

Top right is Eddie, he adopted us as a stray and showed up to help me with my shamanic work, while we help him recover and return to the handsome glossy and relaxed lap cat he once was. Eddie wants to be friends with all our cats.

Then bottom left is Juno, she is a big girl and she is all about cuddles and love. She was tapping the camera for love, she gets very passionate. if you ignore her and is partial to biting the corner of things or batting your phone out of your hand so she has your full attention. She brings us into the present moment!

Holistic Wellness for you and your animals, Ruthy DoolittleJuno is not a fan of Zanzi or her sister Rudi, but is cool with Eddie. Bottom right is Rudi, Juno’s sister – they came to us around 10 months old and Rudi, is a poppet when she wants a cuddle (on her terms of course) and reminds me and all of us, to stay wild and connected to our instincts.

Most of them are asking for attention and cuddles in the shots.

Rudi is not that interested in other cats but does love to chase anything running. Zanzi was asking for a game, with her favourite piece of string – she’s had it for nearly 10 years now. They are so funny.

In the pic of one looking through the door at another, that is Zanzi and Juno having a little stare off with each other before Eddie arrived and changed all the dynamics.

What pets do you have? Do they all get along? Do you have any rescues?

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From the heart,

Ruthy D xx