The horse with the unknown allergies is a post all about herbs and how they were able to help a horse recover.  This is a testimony from the horses human about how natural wellness helped her horse.

“I had Beth come out in the summer to look at my young pony and hopefully help him with unknown allergies.  I have a 2 year old miniature gypsy cob, Marley.  He started to show signs of allergies in the spring, excessive itching, flaky scurvy skin and massive behavioural changes.  He was so uncomfortable that he could be very unpredictable when being handled.

So I called the vet who prescribed a very heavy dose of steroids then 6 weeks later introduced Antihistamines, 28 a day! Also medicated shampoo every 3 days! Marley hated being bathed.

I struggled to get it all under control because every time I cut his steroids he would have a massive flare up and I would have to increase them again.  I felt very uncomfortable giving him all this medication, especially at such a young age so I started to look for alternatives.

Somebody mentioned to me about self-medication so off I went in search of this to find out more.  That search lead me to Beth.  I had my reservations as its just human nature but I needn’t have worried.  Beth was very professional from the initial phone contact so I booked an appointment, still a little unsure of how I was going to get Marley off all this medication that seemed to keep him sane!

Beth came out and started to work with Marley and I was fascinated at how Marley was very clear in what he did and didn’t need.  He took what he wanted and then left.  The things he selected were mainly focused around his skin and liver (which must have been affected by his antihistamines).  Then we went on to the oils and again I was amazed how he knew which ones he needed and didn’t need for his unknown allergies.

Marley had a traumatic first year of his life and the oils he selected reflected this.  Beth was with us for about 2 hours and answered all my questions, without making me feel daft!  Marley selected 20 different things so I ordered everything and Beth left us to get started on our journey.

I started off offering everything to Marley every day and slowly I noticed he was becoming calmer again, like the pony I rescued.  Then gradually, and with Beth’s advice I started to decrease his Antihistamines as his unknown allergies started to dsiappear and to my surprise he didn’t experience the flare ups he had before.

Then over the next few weeks I noticed he was declining more and more of the plants extracts and when I asked Beth about this she reassured me it was a positive thing.  So I cut down to offering Marley everything once a week.

Gradually he declined more and more as his skin got better and the itching slowed.   I noticed he was starting to be the pony I fell in love with all those months before, he was happier, so that in turn made me happier.

I am now happy to report that 3 months after Beth’s visit Marley is not itchy, or bad tempered or on any medication!  I still offer Marley the self-selection but he couldn’t be less interested, before he used to get excited just by seeing the box for his unknwon allergies!

Beth checks on his progress and always answers any questions that I have.  I know the allergies may return next spring (they may not) but I feel very confident that we can deal with this in a natural way and one that works.

I have no qualms in recommending Beth and in fact I have to others on my yard.  I am certain that Marley would be an ambassador for Zoopharmacognosy if he could be, It certainly has changed his life for the better and for that both him and I are truly thankful.’

Jo and Marley.