Hi, I am Ruthy Bradshaw, I provide Holistic Wellness to Soulful women, her children, cats, dogs and horses in my work as a master energy alignment method mentor, intuitive teacher, author and therapist, kids yoga teacher, founder of earth school club, natural wellness coach and an animal communicator. That’s the work that I do and within EAM®  it involves three states of energy.Ruth Bradshaw, EAM Mentor, Ruthy Doolittle

I create transformations for open-minded women, her children and their animal friends.  I move them from a place of being stuck or resistant, trapped in spiraling thoughts, negative emotions, overwhelm and pain, and I take them on an energetic journey to transform how they think, feel or believe and what they experience on a day to day basis using the professional techniques that I’ve been trained in including the energy alignment method, so that they feel calm, relaxed, empowered, in control, relaxed, table and balanced once more.

I want to talk today about three states of energy that I work with plus I’ll give you examples of what they are. The three states of energy are:

Inflow Energy, this is the energy that feels good, you know this when everything lines up for you, a surprise £30 appears in your purse, you get taken out to lunch, an opportunity lands in your lap and it always feels easy and great.

Resistant Energy feels stuck, which is neither going forwards nor backward.  This will not feel good, and may feel like you are going over and over. old ground or move forwards and then come back to the starting point.

Reversed Energy, which is basically going backward from the direction you want to go.

So inflow feels good and that is when our energy is moving in this direction we’re moving inflow we’re moving forwards in life. It feels like we are going along with the current, everything is easy and more simple. If any of you listen to Esther and Abraham Hicks, Esther talks about letting go of the oars and getting in flow with life.

Very often, we are in stuck or resistant energy, and that’s where we feel like we’re going round and round around in the same circle.   This may be showing up for you in ways like you’ll be repeating the same thing over.  Stuff will come up that you think you’ve already worked on. You’ll have a similar pattern, it might be around travel, unfulfilling work, money or it might be about your personal life.

In reverse energy is where it is going backward or not moving at all. It does not feel good at all.  What that actually means is, something happened in your energy, a shock or trigger, for instance, it could be that you cried when you were a baby because you were hungry and your mum took 10 minutes to get to you, because the gas ran out and she had to change the bottle on the gas cooker, before getting to you. It doesn’t have to be a huge life changing shock, it could be something seemingly small.   The good news is that this kind of ‘stuck’ energy can be changed in 5 simple steps.

Yawning cat, Ruthy DoolittleStuck or resistant energy, and is often disguised as excuses, or reasons why somebody can’t make a change in their life.  You might catch yourself saying things like:

  • “I’m just too busy, I never have enough time”,
  • “I’m a mum, I’ve got three children I can’t cope with anything else”,
  • “I’m so stressed out”
  • “all I do is I tend to the children”
  • “I could never do that, what would people think!”
  • “Oh my gosh, I could never do that, I’d be too scared.”

Do any of these resonate with you at all?

It could even be around a fear of dogs when asked why you are scared of dogs you say ” I couldn’t do that because I got bitten by a dog once”.  What you are also saying unconsciously is that “I’m always going to stay stuck in that pattern and let my fear of dogs top me taking bold and courageous step forward in my life” or in other words “I consent to this fear controlling me.”

Resistance often sounds like excuses or genuine reasons, yet they are all ways of us procrastinating on improving our lives and getting on to the next stage.  The ego part of us like to keep thing the same, it feels safe doing this and in many cases, this keeps us alive.  However, life without any changes would be pretty dull.  Imagine no change in season, your baby staying a baby for 90 years…..

Change is a key part of evolution and is what we humans are experiencing now more than ever with the changes to our climate, our earth and a lot of the systems that governments have put in place.  Change is a choice anyone of us humans can make, we are all sovereign beings and it starts with choice! You can choose that you want things to be different and working with eam can make this change in 5 simple steps!

So in summary, three states of energy –

  1. Inflow is when everything feels good and you’re going downstream without any odds, you’re just going with the current in the sea, or the river, or as we like to say, “going with the flow”.
  2. Stuck or resistant energy you’ll know this because you will be left feeling or you might even say I’m stuck in a rut, or I’m so bored it’s like groundhog day, every day is the same.Ruthy Doolittle on the phone, book a call with me today
  3. Reversed energy feels like you are you going back, it never seems to go away no matter what you do.

If you resonate with any of these states of energy and are feeling stuck or reversed, then you may want to work with me as a Master EAM Mentor or another EAM Mentor.  I offer you a wealth of experience along with a complimentary 30 minutes call to explore and choose if working together is the right solution for you and I.

If you are interested book a complimentary call here: https://ruthydoolittle.com/contact/.  I love to talk and will be happy to answer your questions on the call too!

From the heart,

Ruthy xx