How much do our animals understand our ramblings?

Talk is not cheap, let me share with you a little secret, which may surprise you they understand most of what we say and a lot of what we think and feel! You see animals are not bogged down by human stuff. You know mortgages, what clothes to wear, how they look in the mirror and all that grown-up adult human stuff.

Rosie the FrenchieThey see sense and feel energy really easily, their brains are not cluttered with all this thought and worry about bills and deadlines, what other people think or don’t think and they certainly don’t care about Brexit and other such matters!

We all have an aura, an energetic field around our physical body, if you have never heard of this and can’t see it (many humans can’t) you know you have one when you can ‘sense’ someone staring at you, or if you can ‘feel’ someone standing too close to you, that is because they are in your auric space, within your aura and our animals have them too.

What is so great about our animal friends is that they can see our aura really clearly and our aura reflects exactly how we feel, and what is going on for us in our energy.

So when you walk in a room pretending that everything is okay yet secretly inside you feel awful, your animal knows because it feels it, sees it and senses it. While they may not talk to each other as we do, animals do get a very clear understanding of the intention of our words and understand a lot of what we say and think. It is us who finds it more of a challenge to understand what they are saying.

So please be mindful of what you say and how you say it around your animal friends.

White Horse

Calling your old horse an old b***h, the dog ‘stink bag’ or your cat ‘stupid dumb cat’ are all really unkind, how would you like to be called those names by your best friend?.

Talk is not cheap, be kind in your heart, in your thoughts and in your words, always be kind!

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From the heart,

Ruthy D xx