I LOVE TREES! I really do, so much so I wrote this blog about them!  I spent a whole night sleeping in a forest, in actual fact I’ve slept in many forests over the years and really connect to trees, so this month is dedicated to the trees. Why you ask? Or perhaps you don’t feel the same way.

Trees provide our air and more importantly they use our carbon dioxide, the waste we create they use to grow. It is far more complicated than that however i have compiled a list of different things trees do for us all.

Conkers on a Tree

They Create Oxygen

One very good reason why walking in forests is so healing, the air is clean. Trees take a very long time to grow, everything they do is slow. Something that pretty much any human can benefit from, slowing down!

And another perk to forest bathing. Yes it is a thing, in Japan there are over 60 forests set aside exclusively for this, GP’s tell patients to go away and forest bath before coming to them with their minor and stress related ailments.

It has HUGE benefits, and isn’t just a quick fix pill (bare in mind medicines are tested on animals and they have other side effects too), so I ask you when did you last spend anytime in a forest, hugging a tree or walking through a woodland?


Deep In the Forest

Think about all the animals that live in the jungles and tropical forests at the equator, the indigenous people who I’ve in the forests, and the air that forest generates for us to breath! I know from my own experiences traveling and spending time especially in Madagascar, where growing trees to make tree tunnels, to connect isolated parts of ancient and often times sacred forests, is the key to rare animals survival.

Across the world the forest provides conditions for endangered animals to live, their protection is crucial to their survival. A little goes a long way, and this kind of project makes a difference for future generations too.

To get involved in global tree planting of the tropical forest belt of the world, read more in this blog here.