Let’s discuss how to balance gratitude for your animals, this can be a little bit tricky when you welcome a new friend into your home. It’s easy for the balance to seem slightly off when you welcome a new furry friend. Jealousy is a normal animal trait aswell as human.

So this beautiful boy came into our lives, many of you know Marshall our rescue dog from Bulgaria.  He has told us so many times how grateful he is for his life here.

Marshall, Ruthy Doolittle's Rescue Dogs Face

That was until Eddie arrived, a street cat complete male, who adopted us. It started off slowly, if you’ve been around for a while you will already know that Eddie has been slowly moving his way into our hearts and home.  Currently sharing my cabin at the end of the garden with me.

Marshall became overwhelmed with jealousy, he went to attack Eddie several times, while supervised.  He couldnt control his urges to oust this “other man’ in his home.After some animal Communication to explain Eddie’s situation (we had him neutered as soon as he was well enough) and that Marshall had been offered the cabin and had even been bought an expensive memory foam bed which he chose not to sleep in, and preferred the sofa with the cats in the house!  He shared with us he felt threatened and unhappy.

He felt Eddie got special treatments and he didn’t. He wanted to be the only boy.He wanted to be top dog.I muscle tested Marshalls energy to see what else he would benefit from and he needed emotional support in the form of a Custom Bach FlowerRemedy, which we started to give him straigth away in his food. To give him extra loves and 1:1 time so that he still felt special.To hear how much we love him and how much we are grateful for him in our lives. To let him have his say.To continue to introduce them at. supervised distance.

Eddie the cat

If you’re worried about a imbalance in your home, whether it’s a on-going issue or new because you have just introduced a furry friend. I am here for you, click the link to book a 30 min complimentary and confidential chat .

What the boys have now come to realise, is that they can ignore one another. Eddie is naturally wary after Marshall went for him, Marshall is naturally needy given his start in life.

Embracing the forgiveness prayer has been super helpful for helping both of these lovely rescue boys to overcome dis-harmony in their hearts and reach a place of love and acceptance, even if it doesn’t mean being best freinds.

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From the heart,

Ruthy D x x