You might be wondering how can you learn Animal Communication.  You can and we have got it all within us. It’s about tapping into the skill that we’ve already got, enhancing it, and learning to trust it.

How it happened to me

I have to say that trust is the biggest thing for me and was for a very long time. Can you imagine how crazy is to be in an all-girls Catholic Convent School in rural Southern Ireland in the 80s and say, “those cows talking, I can hear it in my head”?  It’s just not going to go down well and I had a lot to learn!

To learn that what I was hearing or feeling was real and that the voices in my head, were not me going mental, or a little bit crazy, and it isn’t always voices!  When I was young and even today, it is a ‘feeling’ of what was happening to the animals as well as sounds, smells and sometimes taste too!

I shared my heart and home with many animals growing up, including these two donkeys Jack and Noddy, whom I was very close too Jack is the little brown boy and Noddy the white one. Donkeys Jack and Noddy with Ruthy Doolittle as a teenager

I knew what was happening in the dairy trade, but I couldn’t explain it. I would say ‘why are those calf’s making that cry, it sounds like they’re being taken from their mum’.  My parents knowing what I was like, they indicated that it was just the cow making a noise. I knew it wasn’t.

When I was older I went to work on a dairy farm myself, to go and see with my own eyes as an adult what actually happens. That is what happened.  I knew I could feel it, and feeling is my predominant sense.

How does it work for you?

I get asked this all the time, with my ability I do get words, sometimes I get a little video played out in my head, or a picture pops up into my head. These are all part of my intuitive guidance, and we all have it.  Except you might not relate it to animals or even know what it is.

So how many times have you thought, “oh I just put an umbrella in the car, there’s no rain forecast but I’ll put an umbrella in there” and then, later on, low and behold, and it pours?

Or what about buying or renting a house. How do you know that one of the biggest decisions, you’re going to make in your life is the right one, because of you’re feeling? So learning animal communication, one of the key things is practice, but an even bigger part of it is the belief that it is possible!

If you’re not open to it being possible, then, of course, it’s not going to work. If you’re open to the possibility that we only use 10% of our brain and we certainly don’t know everything about what goes on in the universe. And you have that open curiosity. That is going to really help you!

Quieten the mind Quieten the mind with a relaxing cat, Ruthy Doolittle Animal Communication

The other key thing about animal communication is being able to quieten the mind.  Us humans have got so used to being really busy, thinking about our to-do list and how can that money be there and I must post that oh it’s someone’s birthday and all this stuff going on in our minds if we can’t quiet in that we will never be able to listen to the gifts that are inside of us.

Children get it very, very naturally, as their logical brain doesn’t develop until between 11 to 14.  Once the logical brain is developed it makes it harder to trust things without evidence.

Children don’t have a problem with intuition, in fact, a lot of children do it quite naturally.

They have imaginary or invisible friends or animals can talk. Often times the adults tell them that they can’t and that they have made that up, that can’t be true.  This creates doubt and limiting beliefs in the child that they subconsciously carry into adulthood.

So being able to quieten the mind and trust that is possible is important. Being still and setting the intention that you’re going to have good communication is also part of the process.

Shared senses.

The animal can give you a sense of what’s going on for them and share it with you.   I remember working with a horse and I was literally salivating over her hay, my mouth was watering and it smelt divine, when my tummy started to rumble at the thought of eating the hay I looked to the horse, who was looking at me. The mare had shared with me the taste and the desire like it was a favorite thing to get or something.

Dog listening, Ruthy Doolittle Animal CommunicatorListen with all your senses.

In one way it is learning to listen with all your senses. That is something that we’re not brilliant with because we don’t promote our “six senses”.  Kids get taught at school the five senses.

So it’s actually opening ourselves up to all of those and connecting with our six senses.  There are lots of things that you can do, a really simple thing to connect with your senses, is guide yourself and take a meditative walk a minute.

You don’t have to sit cross-legged and “OM” and all the rest of it, you can take part in an active meditation a walking meditation.

Connect with nature, Ruthy Doolittle standing against a treeTake a walking meditation and focus on your breath.

  • For a minute just focus on your breath.
  • Really connect to your breath,
  • Feel it rushing through your nostrils,
  • on your mouth
  • and as it comes down into your lungs.
  • Feel it go out of your body.
  • Is it cold as it comes in?
  • Or is it warm as it goes out, really tune into that.

Next focus on what you can hear for one minute, listen to every sound.

  • Can you hear your breath coming in and out.
  • Can you hear the birds.
  • Can you hear water.
  • Can you hear other people breathing.
  • Can you hear your feet as you’re walking.

Next focus on your sense of smell

  • What can you smell as you’re walking?
  • Can you smell the air?
  • Is it something else, your perfume or washing powder perhaps?

Move on to what you can feel.

  • You feel the air
  • you can feel it on your hands
  • you can feel it coming in and out of your nose.

Now try with your sight.

  • What can you see, not just what is in your line of sight, but what can you see in the periphery area.
  • What else can you notice?
  • Can you zoom in on your view and identify the details on things?
  • What stands out to you?


Just take one more breath and let your breathing and senses return to normal, how do you feel?  Observe your energy and your mind, do they feel calmer, less noisy?

When you practice connecting to your senses, your attention goes on your senses within your body, so you connect with the present moment and come out of your head. Now is a powerful moment!

That’s really a quick start to connect with your senses, to help you on your way.  It is important that you too and trust that your senses are working for you.

Today senses are amazingly powerful, But then we don’t always use them, don’t engage with them as much. So, encourage yourself and people you know, to connect with their senses, and learn to use them and increase your intuition.


How do you learn animal communication?  It is a bit more in-depth than this, however, this is the overall way it works.  everyone is different in how they communicate and with animals is no different.  Be patient and give yourself enough time and space to explore your intuitive abilities.

  • Quieten the mind.
  • Open the heart.
  • Ask simple clear questions.
  • Don’t rush or dismiss the answers.
  • Trust what you get is exactly that.

When your mind is quiet, and still and you are connected to your heart energy then, you are more likely to be able to connect clearly with an animal in your life and receive its communication.  When the mind is quiet, you are likely to receive messages much more clearly.

Like any relationship, start with simple questions, don’t just go for the “why did you do that XYZ behavior” build rapport and take time to listen.

Remember to thank your animal friend for opening up to you before you finish, and if you want to learn more then do get in touch.

What next step can you take?

How can you learn animal communication, Ruthy Doolittle workshopsThere is a host of different Animal Communication Workshops coming up (online) If you are interested in learning more, there is a host of workshops coming up you can check them out on the website in more detail here.

If you want to connect and explore working together you can also get in touch or book a complimentary call with Ruth here,  she loves to chat with anyone prior to working together to answer their questions.

If in any doubt, practice, practice, and practice some more!