What Makes Cats the Perfect Pets?

Cats are the most popular choice for household pets worldwide. Research by the American Veterinary Medical Association shows that about 25% of all US households have a furry friend, with over 600 million cats domesticated worldwide.

A lot of people believe dogs are the perfect pets. While they’ll never see eye to eye with cat lovers on that subject, there are benefits to having either as pets. Both loyal and friendly there’s quite a variety of cat breeds to choose from. But what makes having cats as household companions extra special? If you’re thinking about getting a pet, here are a few reasons why a cat might be the way to go:

What makes cats the perfect pets?Cats Are Extremely Clean

When it comes to pets, felines are as neat and tidy as they come. They spend most of their time cleaning themselves and require less frequent baths compared to dogs. They are far less likely to cause a mess around the house and generally smell better than dogs due to their personal hygiene. Cats are experts at keeping their fur clean and shiny, meaning they require less grooming than dogs.

They Are Quiet

Cats are the perfect pets to keep around if noise levels in your home are a concern. Cats themselves are not fans of loud noises and will go about their daily business as quietly as possible. Even the loudest of cat meows will not make as much noise like a dog barking in your home or a pet bird singing in the morning. You’ll never have to worry about noise complaints from neighbors due to your cat meowing too loud.

Free Pest Control

You’ll never have to worry about a mouse problem with a feline around either. The mere presence of a cat in your home tends to keep rodents and other household pests away. Your kitty will likely deal with anything that sneaks into the house, most times without you even knowing about it. They also hunt insects and will keep your house free of moths, wasps, and houseflies. That saves you time and money.

Tuxedo cat, Ruthy Doolittle Animal CommunicatorCats Are Easy to Train

Cats are very intelligent animals. They understand human communication far better than most animals, which makes them easier to train to suit your needs. Toilet training a cat is easy as most of them already know how to bury their waste themselves. Showing them how to use their litter box is not even necessary in many cases.

They Are Ideal Apartment Pets

Cats are extremely comfortable in smaller or confined spaces. When it comes to living in a small apartment, they are the perfect pets to have as companions. They are far happier living indoors, and you don’t have to take them for a walk or keep them physically active.

Their quiet nature is also perfect for an apartment building as they won’t wake the neighbors up whenever someone rings the doorbell.


Loving, playful, and wonderful companions, cats are great pets to keep around the house. They are low maintenance, independent, and much less needy than most other pets, making them suitable for your busy lifestyle.

Moreover, research shows that having a feline friend reduces allergies, not just to fur but many other allergens as well. Thinking about adopting a pet? You can’t go wrong with cats.