In this post I will explain more about animal natural wellness and holistic health, along with some simple tips to make a start towards or improve holistic health naturally in your own home.

Three things to watch out for with animal natural wellness and holistic health.

  1. There is no quick-fix or one size fits all, your home and your animals are as unique as you so an element of trial and error will be required to get optimum natural wellness and holistic health right.
  • Things will change as your animals age too, so flexibility is key.
  • Be prepared to try new things, some will be a huge success and others not so much, that is all part of the process.
  • Be committed to the possibility of getting it right, even if it takes time.
  1. Review what toxins are in your home. Natural wellness and holistic health starts with the home or environment your animal spends the most time in.
  • Look at the ingredients of all the cleaning products you use in the home on their bedding and the spaces they walk or sleep on, many commercial products contain toxic chemicals and come with irritant warnings on. These will not be safe for animals to consume if they aren’t safe for you to consume.
  • Find cleaner, greener and kinder products to use in your home, look out for the Leaping Bunny (not tested on animals), Organic label, and Vegan logo, or buy known environmentally friendly brands such as Ecover or Method.
  • Even better, switch to more old fashioned cleaning ingredients that can be found in your home such as lemons, bicarbonate of soda and apple cider vinegar.
  1. Use scales and measure everything! At least to begin with and then monthly to ensure nothing has changed.
  • Measure how much you dilute a solution for cleaning the floor.
  • Measure how much food you give and stick to it, being overweight causes animals many health issues that are easily avoidable.
  • Weigh your animal or take it to be weighed periodically.

Numbers are crucial to getting it right and if maths isn’t your thing double check simple sums with a human friend. If in doubt get in touch with your local Holistic Vet, I use Dr Michaela Schmidt Locally in Colchester and highly recommend her in-home service for a much more enjoyable vet experience.

Five things you can do to optimise natural wellness and holistic health in your animal.

  1. Get the nutrition right.
  2. Get plenty of exercise and play time in.
  3. Take training seriously.
  4. Understand that sleep and rest is essential.
  5. Make time for love!

To find out more about each of these steps in detail, head over to my blog Top 5 Tips For Optimum Natural Wellness! You can also join our friendly and private Facebook group where you can talk with other like minded animal lovers and ask all the questions you’d like as well as receive tips about natural wellness and holistic health for your animal!