Animal Communication is the ability to communicate with animals.

It is sometimes called interspecies communication, heart to heart communication or animal whispering, dog, horse or cat whispering or even telepathic communication, for ease I stick with animal communication.

“But what is animal communication? How do you do it?” I hear you ask.

Well I will tell you….

Animal Communication is non-verbal communication between two different species.

We all wish we could speak with animals like Dr Doolittle right?

It would make things so much easier if they could just tell us when they had a poorly stomach instead of eating grass, or when they wee in the house and we just can’t understand why…

I assist with two-way communications between animals and their humans to create improved relationships, knowledge and understanding, greater clarity on what to do and when and to address ongoing or suddenly occurring behaviours and physical symptoms.

I do it using a combination of intuition, telepathy, thoughts or words, images, feelings, taste, smell and hearing and muscle testing.

If you haven’t heard of muscle testing it is an applied kinesiology technique for identifying what is going on in your body and provides accurate insights.

Animal Communication is a really helpful tool for understanding your animal on a different level like:

  • Why your dog barks all the time and what to do to change it.
  • What food your cat likes, wants and needs – there are differences!
  • How your horse gets in such a pickle loading into or out of the trailer.
  • What it means when your dog is scratching, it isn’t always fleas and what you can do about it.
  • Did your animal suffer before they died and other questions to your animal who crossed over the rainbow bridge
  • Rehoming your animal*
  • Taking on a rescue animal
  • Why your rabbit is so scared of your daughters gold sparkly shoes
  • If your rat or hamster wants a companion
  • Where in their body your animal may be feeling pain or discomfort
  • Answers to questions like “what do you do all day?” “Where do you go when you go off on adventures?” and “what is your favourite or least favourite thing to do?” and so many more…..

Animal Communication for rehoming.

*If you are in the terrible situation of having to re-home your animal, explaining to them what is going on and answering their questions can really help with a smooth transition to their new home. Many animals simply get shifted from home to home without ever knowing where they may end up, who is looking after them and where their loved ones are, animal communication can really help you, your animal and their new home prepare for this transition with ease.

A recent rehoming success story shared their experience with me after facing the tough decision to rehome one of their foster-fails Akira.

“Using animal communication via a photograph Ruth and I answered her questions about the new home and reasons why she was changing home before I then arranged for her move to go ahead.  I  found she was really calm on the journey and went off to the new family without any stress (it was only me that seemed heartbroken) She also settled in really quickly with the new family and we received video updates the very next day of her looking so happy and free. She is living a much more nourished life now she is one of two dogs instead one of four and has much more attention and time, dedicated solely to her everyday, which of course you kindly identified with her early on when we first fostered her. I found it very useful having the animal communication, to help us to prepare her and us for the move. I feel more peace because of it”

With an animal communication or an animal whisperer session, you and your animal have the potential to understand each other better to alleviate any issues in your home.

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