Earth School Club for Children What is ESC and why was it founded?

Earth school club is a monthly club for sensitive and open-minded children and children of open-minded and sensitive and spiritual families.

It’s a safe place for them to come and connect with other children like them and learn about their own energy, their own personal boundaries, their connection to the planet and others around them, feelings, kindness, sustainability and their intuition.

Earth School Club sessions on the floorEach session is made up of short talks and interactive activities, movement and mindfulness.

Children learn about things like chakras, aura, crystals, animals, sustainability, reinforcing their own boundaries, feelings, and kindness so that they feel more connected, understand themselves and others and grow in confidence.

It was founded when parents asked me to do more than the 1:1 work I had been doing empowering children to embrace their intuitive powers and boost self-esteem and confidence, and feeling that there wasn’t anything out there like this for children.


Impacts on parents and kids?

Some of the impacts ESC has had with the children we’ve connected with are:

  • Feeling connected to earth rather than feeling utterly disconnected from being here.
  • Increasing confidence.
  • Children opening up about some of their big fears and challenges enabling the healing process to begin.
  • Children letting go of rubbish from the day.
  • Parents have been delighted that there is this space for their children.
  • Parents have felt the pressure taken off them for not having the time to teach all of this already.

How does your work with adults transfer to the children?

My work with adults crossed over to children as I was originally trained in massage, then onto energy healing.

While I don’t offer any hands-on healing my skills, professional training and experience of running women’s groups combined allow me to hold the space for sensitive children and their families, adapting sessions to the energy in the room.

My friend and colleague, Leanne is an intuitive teacher, has a background in child psychology and movement meditation including ecstatic dance and holding circles for adults.

Plus what is often showing up for our children is a reflection of what is going on at home and being a keen listener means conversations open up and allow children to be heard without feeling overwhelmed.

Our combination of professional training and experience makes for a very intuitive and interactive session for the children and their families who come to our classes.

What are the messages to parents about how we can nourish our kids.

In my opinion, Children are like flowers, they need a combination of different things to nourish their body (flower) smell Fun activities for the kids at Earth School Club(spirit) and mind (soil it grows in) and really blossom. They also need day and night, rain and shine and a range of different nutrients to live sustainably.

If we only send our children to school they only learn what the school teaches them one perspective, ‘the curriculum’, while very good for academia it does not provide a holistic education or teach children about feeling and connecting to their own intuition.

If our homes have no or limited books and many screens, the learning is one-dimensional, filled with EMFs with no balance. Many families have both parents at work and unable to find the time to do everything they’d like with their children day-to-day.

Earth School Club provides a tech-free unstructured learning space, yes we have a format but no formal ‘rules’ as such (the children set their own) and a theme or topic we choose to focus on however children do not sit in lines facing a teacher while they write down everything that’s being shared.

We are often rolling about the floor, learning on our bellies and expressing ourselves through creative movement. Children are encouraged through positive language, high fives, and fist bumps. There is always music in our sessions too.

How important it is to do this?

Children learn about the curriculum at school, not about their feelings, emotions or intuition.  If we don’t encourage our Sessions on the floor for kids at Earth School Clubchildren to embrace all aspects of being a human, mind, body, and soul they may well shut down this innately natural aspect of themselves. When children grow up being the outsider or labeled, this can have huge implications for their mental health, happiness and wellbeing long term.

There are also many children who grow up getting themselves into all sorts of unpleasant situations that could have been avoided had they understood boundaries and how to say no.

Both Leanne and I experienced this ourselves growing up and had a long journey to accepting and embracing all of ourselves, we feel it is our duty to ensure that the next generation does not experience this.

If you are interested in coming along to Earth School Club please do book onto a class near you online here.