This is a record of an animal communication for cat amputation, and was so insightful for all of the family.  It is written by one of my clients, Susan Eggleton and is her account of an animal communication session I had with her and husband Allen and her two rescue Tuxedo cats, Sophie and Bobby.  He had an amputation after an incident with a dog, despite Bobby losing a leg, he chose thriving at life!  Read his incredible story in this post below.

Tuxedo Cat, animal communication sessionA Different Kind of Animal Communication

In early June 2018, Ruth Bradshaw, who I would describe as a light worker and animal communicator, visited us to conduct a communication session between our two cats, Sophie and Bobby.  Ruth has featured several times in the media on TV and radio talking about a vast array of spiritual work she is involved in, describing herself as an ‘earth angel’ and how some people may possess angelic elements.  She featured on ‘This Morning’ with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield earlier in 2018.  Ruth uses the name ‘Ruthy Doolittle’ to conduct her animal communication business.  With her reddish gold hair, pale complexion and peaceful aura, it’s easy to see her as an earth angel.

I thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon which was insightful, at times revealing and funny, but often deeply moving.  I especially wanted Ruth to connect with Bobby after his horrendous experience in 2017 when he was attacked by, I suspected, a dog, and as a result lost one of his hind legs.  I wanted to find out more about what actually happened.  Ruth’s revelations confirmed my suspicions.

Ruth’s questions are represented with the letter R in bold italics and our cats’ responses in non-italics numbered B (for Bobby) and S (Sophie).

Ruth began with Bobby. 

Bobbie, tuxedo tripod animal communication Bobby’s interactions were an absolute revelation; charming and sometimes touchingly beautiful.  Other times, his reflections on life were so quirky and funny, with a characteristically tough maverick edge that, once or twice, Ruth was in fits of giggles.  She explained a little about Bobby’s personality.  She said he prefers to watch, especially in the sun beams.  This is true as he always lies in the sun even if it’s coming though the patio doors – he will be stretched out on the carpet revelling in it.

He feels very wary (little wonder about that!).  Ruth described Bobby as a ‘super sweet soul’ and wants to be more relaxed.  To help him, Ruth mixed up a Bach flower remedy for me to add to his food.  Bobby knows that he is six years old (I didn’t tell Ruth this beforehand) and loves the colour yellow.

  • R:  Do you like your name?
  • B:  Oh yes!
  • R: Susan sometimes thinks of moving house, especially after you were attacked last year and after difficulties with noisy neighbours.  Would you like this?
  • B:  Yes I would.  Ruth explained that Bobby would like a bigger garden where he can run for a long time.  He would like fields backing onto the garden with flowers in it where he can run amongst them.  When he dreams he dreams he is running and has four legs, which made me feel quite sad.
  • R: What do you dislike?
  • B: Being chased by a dog.
  • R: Can you tell us about the day you were attacked?
  • B: The attack happened on the perimeter.  It was inevitable with all the dogs around.  I got cocky – the dogs were all warning me but I ignored them.  Ruth was given a picture of Bobby strolling along the fence indignantly and scorning the dogs. (I still don’t understand why he had to be attacked though from simply living his life and exploring his neighbourhood!). Although his leg had to be amputated, he has no pain or discomfort now and he can feel his leg like a phantom limb. I was amazed at how nonchalant Bobby seemed about the whole thing and his magnanimity towards the perpetrator).
  • B: I don’t want to re-live what happened and don’t need to go there.  There was a short chase and the dog got me on the ground.  I fought and was pleased to give the dog some whacks in the face.  The dog had a short, sharp snout with jowly bits.  I willed myself home using my homing device.
  • I don’t blame anyone as I now have a wonderful life and the amputation was to save my life.  I understand why and am so grateful for the care, love and support shown to me.  I have moved on and need to be in the present.  The attack wasn’t intentional but instinct.  It is time to move to a bigger garden and a case of forgiving yourselves.  No amount of worry will change a thing.
  • Bobby also spoke of a man with the dog, as I suspected.
  • R: How did you cope at the vets as everyone was very worried?
  • B: The vets was not lovely but I wasn’t lonely.  There were a lot of spirit friends around me.  There was one angelic being with great big wings and lots of little spirits. (That interested me, as when Bobby first came home with his leg bandaged in our attempt to save it, he seemed to be looking at something across the room at eye level and almost seemed to smile).  The time following my attack has been a transitional period and you both should have a ceremony to move on from what happened.  Write down on paper any feelings about the experience (when he was attacked) and what you would like to feel instead and then set fire to it.  I would like space to explore more.  I was terrified by the dog but he isn’t here now.  Sometimes it is destiny, a learning experience and is all about soul families.  Worry won’t help and I just want to do my cat thing now.
  • R: Would you like to move to another house with a bigger garden?
  • B:  Yes, that would be incredible and a fresh start with no bad memories.  I would like a bigger garden with no neighbours and think Sue and Nigel would relax more there.
  • R: How did you feel when the children next door made lots of noise and also about the older couple sitting out there at the time? 
  • B:  I don’t like these neighbours and feel a black heavy energy coming from them.  The noisy shouts and screams from the children were like knives going through my head
  • R:  How did you feel about the children?
  • B: Yuk!
  • R: What about these two sitting at the top of the garden?
  • B: Yuk!
  • R:  Would you like to go out into the front garden more?
  • B: No, not out the front as it makes Sue and Nigel edgy and there may be surprises.
  • R:  How do you feel about Peter and Jackie?
  • B:  They are okay and have good energy.
  • R: How do you feel about Sophie? Sophie and Bobby, Animal Communication
  • B: Sophie is like my sister, sometimes annoying and at other times really sweet.  I call her ‘Sophie Sister.’
  • R: Who are your favourite animal friends?
  • B: Mum and Dad!  (Sue and Nigel).  I want to spend lots of time with them and send love hearts – Oh Yes! (Ruth said Bobby sent them like pictures to her).
  • I don’t want any more people or animals in the home.
  • R: How do you feel about Susan and Nigel?
  • I find Nigel calmer and more present in the moment.  Susan over thinks things and talks a lot!  I would like her to listen more.
  • I want to teach them both to be more in the moment, though they both understand me really well.  I least like all the worry about my leg and want to be outside the box, thinking differently about things.  The present is a gift – don’t think about yesterday or tomorrow.
  • I like how much I am looked after and really like being free to come in and out.  I love the love and kindness and send lots of love beams to you Dad.

Animal Communication tips from Ruthy Doolittle

Ruth added that Bobby is an old soul in a young body and has also shared a past life with Nigel.  We are all intrinsically linked.  He has quite a broad masculine voice. Both our cats understand what we say and think and we need to be mindful that they will know.  All the time Bobby communicates.  I know it but don’t always trust it.  When he pops into my head, perhaps when I’m out, Bobby is communicating.  When I feel his eyes he is communicating with me and he wants me to sense purring in my ear.

When we go on holiday we must tell the cats that there will be three full moons, for instance, until we go away and it will be for seven sunrises.  When we go away we must explain more and it is better for someone to visit to look after them.  Bobby said he doesn’t want any cages, no travel and no new routine.  Someone can visit or stay.

More from Bobby the cat.

  • B: I would love to be massaged on my back leg and hips and please don’t let me get any bigger.
  • B said that he loves just being in this space (out in the garden in the sunshine)
  • R: Susan said you spend much time sitting facing the bush by the shed.  Are you  communicating with anything in spirit?
  • B: Yes, I am communicating with spirits of visiting cats, people, elementals and pixies.  

Ruth explained that Bobby connects with many different dimensional beings and sees a lot more than us, visitors and friends.  His soul is old, his body young.  He said that Sootie is about. Do we know Tigger or Stripes?  Dolly also visits us but not all the time.

On a lighter note, I asked Ruth to ask Bobby why he never wants to play with the cat toys we have in our living room when Sophie does.

  • B: But the toys are not real mice!!  Sophie is VERY silly!

Ruth laughed, as he put a real emphasis on ‘very silly!’

Well, we’ll see what Sophie thinks now after that!

Ruth then spent some time with Sophie

Sophie the cat, smelling the roses animal communicationRuth went upstairs to sit on the bed to talk to Sophie but was then told by Sophie, “That’s my bed!”  I heard Ruth say, “Oh, it’s your bed, okay”.  So Ruth sat on the floor!

Ruth told me that Sophie didn’t sound exactly snobbish but has a certain upper crust tone to her voice.  I can imagine this as she is quite haughty and proud.  Sophie’s favourite colour is pink. “It must be pink”, she said to Ruth.  This is true as she loves to sleep on pink blankets and towels; in fact if Bobby is there she sometimes tries to push him off!

First Impressions of Sophie the cat.

Sophie is bright, sharp, feisty and very self assured, also relaxed.

  • R: How do you feel about everything that has happened?
  • S: Yes, there has been some trauma.
  • R: Susan was worried about giving you your worming treatment the other day, how can we make this easier?
  • S: Even though I am smart, you have to outsmart me.  Perhaps try to surprise me when giving the worming treatment.
  • R: What do you dislike?
  • S: Being held down for treatment.
  • R: Tell us something of your background before you lived with Susan and Nigel
  • S:  Oh really!!  It was very dark, days were short and it was cold.  There was rough handling.  The man was unkind and the children were horrid.  They would never let me go.  In the end, I made the decision to leave.

Ruth had a sudden flash of Sophie being cornered and pinned, with lots of fear.  This was very traumatic for me but I wasn’t surprised.  I had consulted a psychic before about Sophie who told me that during the first months of her life she lived with her mother and siblings in a rough household where the children treated the kittens like toys and would throw them around.  She had enough, left and ended up in Harlow Town Park where someone alerted the RSPCA who took her into foster care.  As a result, Sophie does not suffer fools gladly.

  • R: Can you tell us of the encounter with the greyhound you had in 2013 in the garden at the back?
  • S:  Stupid dog! I wasn’t going without a fight.  I had company.  Sophie defended herself valiantly against the dog and hints at Sootie who passed away the year before being there to help her in her efforts.  She escaped from the dog and was relatively unharmed with just a minor leg injury.  This reaffirms another conversation I had with a psychic not long after the attack who told me that Sootie was there and helped Sophie by not allowing the dog to clamp his jaws completely on Sophie (possibly because Bobby was to be attacked several years later?) 
  • R: What of Bobby’s attack?
  • S: That was horrid.  He was very sore but I looked after him and he has healed.

There were some dogs yapping in a neighbouring garden during Sophie’s communication.  Ruth asked how she felt about them.  Sophie sighed and behaved like she had no tolerance whatsoever.

  • R: What do you think of Peter and Jackie, next door?
  • S:  (rolling her eyes(!) They’re okay.  I don’t like him so much, but she’s okay.
  • R:  Susan is so proud of you and Bobby and thinks that you are one of the most beautiful cats she has ever seen.  You are like my daughter and Bobby is like my son.  Are you aware of this?
  • S:  I know how ‘Mummikins’ feels!!  (Ruth added – that’s what she calls you – Mummikins! – that’s funny as I often call them both Babykins!).  Ruth said Sophie feels that love and sends love back but is not sure that I trust what I hear.
  • S:  I’m a grateful cat, living a life of luxury and I don’t want for anything.

On a final note, she said to Ruth:  You’re a funny soul, an unusual human!  It was probably unusual for my cats to find someone that can speak to them and understand them!

Final Feedback from me.

I so enjoyed getting to know Ruth and her visit to us and feel we have much in common, particularly where animals are concerned.  We both recognise them as sentient beings, much like humans and, in many ways, more knowing, intelligent and spiritual than people.  In conversation, Ruth said to me that other people don’t always think like us where animals are concerned.

I feel that Ruth’s communication opened up a whole new world for me and has definitely helped me move forward since Bobby’s attack which was why I invited her round in the first place as I wanted to see how Bobby was coping and get to the bottom of things a little.


It appeared to me that he has been coping better than us!   I felt relieved that he felt this way but honour what he said and am sure we will all move forward together in the future.


What next?

If you feel you would benefit from a catchat or animal communication session then please do book a complimentary call and cuppa with Ruth (on the phone) here.

As the writer, I Susan Eggleton would be delighted to hear from you if you want to get in touch with, please drop me an email here.