What an exciting opportunity! I was on ITV’s This Morning!

Recently I was invited onto ITV’s This Morning to talk about my work as an Earth Angel, following the article in The Daily Mail. I Ruthy Doolittle, ITV This Morning Earth Angel Interviewhad the opportunity to meet Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby and talk about my work as an Animal Communicator, I even did an animal communication for Holly’s cat Bluebell and shared some insights on the show and gave the rest to her hand written, it was so exciting.

It was so much fun being collected by a driver at Liverpool Street and put up in a hotel really near to the broadcasting studio for ITV, imagine my surprise when I had my hotel room upgraded to a suite!  I think it was my sparkly unicorn vibes t-shirt that swung it for me.  After a good nights rest in the hotel we were all picked up by a driver and taken to the studio where we were welcomed into the green room and made a cup of tea, we felt like we had a real insight into another lifestyle, the life of TV and all the fun that brings.

Ruthy Doolittle on This MorningEveryone was so nice and after hair and make-up (actually they didn’t need to do my hair as it was like that when I woke up, I love perfect hair days!) we were then taken onto set for a little trial run through where we would sit and how we could sit on the This Morning TV Sofa’s with our huge angel wings on.  After a little adjustment, a touch up of lip gloss and our microphones turned on we went live on This Morning and were interviewed while the cameras rolled.

You can watch the ITV This Morning Interview here.

After the interview, live on national tv we went back to the wardrobe and green room where we met Kim Wild, if you don’t know Ruthy Doolittle meets Kim Wildwho she is then you are probably not an 80’s child or most certainly didn’t grow up in that era!  She was a huge icon at the time and was so lovely, another Earth Angel that is for sure!

We had such a great chat, and her new album “Here come the aliens” was inspired by her very own UFO experience, she is really into gardening and was so warm and friendly.  I was stunned when I then ran into Gok Wan on the stairs of ITV broadcasting house, I was a little star struck after such wonderful morning it was all I could do to say hello.  I would have loved to have got a photo of us as he was so warm and friendly, just how he comes across on the TV.