Nutrition is the number one thing to address in an animal of any age and any state of health – do not wait until your animal is ill, lethargic or overweight to start feeding them what they really need.

What many people don’t realise is that often, the foods recommended by vets and pet food suppliers do not meet our animals’ nutritional needs over their lifetime.

Did you know?

  • Most “meat” pet foods are made from meat derivatives.
  • Many dried foods, kibbles and biscuits contain fillers such as grains.
  • Grains are not meant to be fed to cats or dogs in large quantities.
  • Your animals nutritional needs will change over time.

So, it is up to those passionate about holistic healthcare for animals to spread the word and educate those who care for animals either in a professional capacity or as a pet parent,

Top Tips

  • Aim to keep your animal’s diet as natural as possible – what would they eat in the wild?
  • Wherever possible scrutinise the ingredients label.
  • Remember that not all vets hold positive views on holistic practices. Find out why on my Animal Communication website Talk To All Animals! So, if you are not sure how to approach the subject of nutrition then please do some research. This is a great place to start.

Animal wellness isn’t just about nutrition though! Exercise, training, rest and lots of love and attention go a long way to make a healthy happy animal! Read my article on Talk To All Animals about Holistic Health as part of a Natural Wellness Programme  – which also includes essential information about ridding your homes of toxins and chemicals that could be harming your animals – for ideas on how to help your beloved animal lead a happy and healthy life! And head over to my Top 5 Tips for Optimum Wellness article for more advice about holistic wellness and nutrition combined!