Contrary to some press sources, I DO know how I communicate with animals – I use intuition– heart-centred intuition.  Here is an explanation of what intuition is, how you can make it stronger, and how I use it to communicate with animals.

We are all sentient beings! We have feelings and emotions, and have a soul, which is eternal. It is only our bodies that are mortal.

I communicate using my heart energy, or heart chakra, connecting with the animals’ soul and its own heart energy – this is why Animal Communication is sometimes called heart to heart communication. I use my sixth sense, my intuition. In the media this has been referred to as ‘intention”. Now, while I always set clear intentionswhen I’m going to communicate with an animal it is the intuition that I use.

Now some people poo-poo intuition, but I want to let you know that EVERYONE has it and nearly everyone uses it as their internal compass.

How many of you say “I don’t know what it was but something didn’t feel right?” or that you buy a house based on a gut decision? What about using your instincts when on a night out and decide to leave early only to find out the next day you missed a near disaster by leaving when you did? So many of us put this down to something “weird” heck in the past I’ve heard “It’s weird, isn’t it funny when XYZ happens… like thinking about something and then it comes on the radio as an advertisement…”yes that!

Call it what you like, intuition, sixth sense, instinct, gut feeling or spidey senses – your inner knowing, your intuition is trying to feedback to you all the time. If only you’d listen to it!

There are some things that will make this internal guidance system – your intuition – not perform so well.

Things like medication, alcohol or drugs, smoking, being very stressed, being ill, having too much electromagnetic energy, eating a highly processed diet or taking the pill. All of these stresses, and artificial man-made things can really play havoc with our natural intuitive abilities.

So what can you do to make it clear and easier to trust your own intuition?

Well if you use it regularly you will get stronger and more trusting. Just like a muscle, your intuition improves with care and through exercising it!

  • Drink more water, drink less caffeine and fizzy drinks.
  • Detox from electronics daily – don’t sleep with your phone, tablet, or laptop in the bedroom. If you must have an alarm on yourphone get an Energy Dot to disarm the electromagnetic impact on your body, especially when you sleep. And if you don’t believe watch this space – I’ll be sharing a little test for you to watch!
  • Take your shoes off and walk barefoot on the grass outside.
  • Eat fresh and raw foods, salad and fruit are perfect for keeping the body in the right condition to hear your own internal guidance.
  • Rest! Being available 24/7 is not helping anyone. Take breaks, have time for work and time for play and time for rest when you are not available to anyone outside of your immediate family. If you are not looking after youregularly you can’t be there for others in a good way.
  • Detox your thoughts – the way we speak to ourselves is a crucial part of how we look after ourselves.
  • Be kind! If you wouldn’t say it to a friend then don’t say it to yourself.
  • Pay attention. To the thoughts and “things” that come up.

Most times it is the very first thing that “pops into your head” that is your intuition. Learn to trust it, be your own ambassador!

Love Always,

Ruthy Doolittle